review (is yellowcard legit?) review (is yellowcard legit?)

Yellowcard review (is yellowcard legit?)

Read all about Yellowcard in this Yellowcard review.

Yellowcard is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2016 by Chris Maurice. This exchange allows you to buy bitcoin with different payment methods, at competitive rates and with low fees.

Yellowcard expanded to the African continent in 2019, with support for African countries like Nigeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and south Africa.

In the ever competitive crypto space, yellowcard is striving to become one of the best exchanges to buy bitcoin in Africa.

In this yellowcard review, am going to be writing about everything you will need to know about this cryptocurrency exchange, including, “how to buy bitcoin on yellowcard”, “yellowcard referral program”, “yellowcard fees”, “yellowcard supported cryptocurrency”, “yellowcard supported countries”, “how to sell crypto on yellowcard” and more.

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Let’s get into it then…

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What is Yellowcard? is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to buy bitcoin with a variety of payment methods, with low fees and at competitive rates.

It was founded by Chris Maurice in USA sometime around 2016. Yellowcard has expanded operations and is now available in African countries like Nigeria, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon and south Africa.

Yellowcard supported countries

Yellow card is available in the following countries:

  1. Nigeria
  2. Botswana
  3. Tanzania
  4. Kenya
  5. Cameroon
  6. South Africa

Yellowcard supported cryptocurrency

Yellowcard supports the following cryptocurrency:

  1. Bitcoin

For now, Yellowcard only supports bitcoin, but will be opening support for other cryptocurrency in the future.

Yellowcard supported fiat currency

The following fiat currencies are supported on Yellowcard are: NGN, ZAR, BWP and USD.

Yellowcard supported payment methods

The following payment methods are supported by Yellowcard:

  1. Cash
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Debit/Credit card


  • Cash, Bank transfer and Credit/Debit card is available in Nigeria
  • Bank transfer is available in South Africa
  • Bank transfer is available in Botswana

Features of Yellowcard

  1. Increase security
  2. Instant transactions
  3. Great user interface
  4. Mobile app
  5. Merchant services
  6. Multiple payment options
  7. Referral program

Yellowcard services

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On yellowcard, you can buy bitcoin, sell bitcoin, own a bitcoin wallet and become a merchant.

Buy bitcoin: You can either buy bitcoin on the platform, or from a merchant, which you can find by viewing the map at

Sell bitcoin: You can sell bitcoin to yellowcard, or to one of their merchants, which you can find by viewing the map at

Wallet: Yellowcard also provides a Naira and bitcoin wallet for its users.

Merchant: You can also earn money for yourself, by becoming one of Yellowcard merchants. As a yellowcard merchant, you can accept cash and bank payments from customers for yellowcard PINs.

How to get started on Yellowcard?

To get started buying and selling bitcoin on yellowcard, you will need to register an account. To do this is very easy, you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit the website and click on SIGN UP at the right hand corner of the page.
  2. Fill in the required details and click SUBMIT.
  3. Enter the verification code that will be sent to your mobile number. You can also “Verify with USSD” or “Verify with WhatsApp”.
  4. Once you have done the above, then you have successfully created a yellowcard account.

How to buy bitcoin on yellowcard?

Once you have registered an account on yellowcard, you can then buy bitcoin. To buy bitcoin, you will need to do the following:

  1. On your dashboard select BUY.
  2. Enter the amount to purchase i.e. the amount of bitcoin you would like to purchase. You can input either the amount in your local currency or a specific amount of cryptocurrency. The live rate is displayed directly below the entry box.
  3. After entering the amount, click “BUY CRYPTO”
  4. Your order will be fulfilled and you can find it in your yellowcard wallet.

How to sell bitcoin on yellowcard?

To sell bitcoin on yellowcard, you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit the SELL page on the dashboard, click SELL.
  2. Select “Sell on platform”
  3. After you have confirmed your cryptocurrency sale, you can sell the Naira balance to a merchant for cash or withdraw it to your bank account.

How to buy bitcoin from a merchant?

As said above, you can either buy bitcoin directly on the yellowcard platform, or from one of its merchants. To buy bitcoin from a merchant, follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the to see the map of all merchants.
  2. Ask the merchant for yellowcard. Tell him how much you would like to buy and give them your phone number. There are two methods to complete this transactions, these are Top Up and crypto purchase.

How to sell bitcoin from a merchant?

As said above, you can either sell bitcoin directly on the yellowcard platform, or from one of its merchants. To sell bitcoin from a merchant, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click SELL
  2. Click “Sell to merchant”
  3. Select the currency you want to sell.
  4. Enter the amount that you want to sell.
  5. Enter the Merchant’s phone number.
  6. Confirm to make sure that it is the merchant you want to sell to.

Yellowcard fees

Deposit fees for Nigeria on Yellowcard




DEBIT CARD – 1.5% + 100NGN

Deposit for South Africa on Yellowcard



CASH DEPOSIT AT ATM – R450 + 1.02%


Deposit fees for Botswana on Yellowcard




Withdrawal fees for Nigeria on Yellowcard


Withdrawal fees for South Africa on Yellowcard




Withdrawal fees for Botswana on Yellow card


Merchant fees

The merchant fees for both topping up your yellow credit account or selling to a merchant is the same. The platform deducts its charges from the merchant’s credit.

Limits on Yellowcard

The limits you have usually depends on your country and also your level of verification, which can be Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3.


Tier 1 – 20000

Tier 2 – 2,000,000

Tier 3 – 50,000,000

South Africa

Tier 1 – 10,000

Tier 2 – 200,000

Tier 3 – 20,000,000


Tier 1 – 5,000

Tier 2 – 100,000

Tier 3 – Unlimited

Yellowcard verification

There are three tiers of verification on Yellowcard:

  1. Tier 1
  2. Tier 2
  3. Tier 3

Tier 1: This tier requires your name, phone number, email and date of birth.

Tier 2: This tier requires either your BVN (bank verification number) or document verification.

Tier 3: This tier requires you to upload a proof of residency and a government issued Id.

Government ID required for Yellowcard verification

  1. International passport
  2. Driver’s license
  3. National ID card/Slip
  4. Voter’s card

Is Yellowcard Legit?

Yellowcard is registered under the corporate affairs commission (CAC) in Nigeria and is regulated by FINCEN in the USA.

So far, there have been no complaints about Yellowcard services, and they have fulfilled lots of orders in their fairly short time of existence.

I think it is fair to say Yellowcard is legit, but don’t just take our word for it, make sure, you do your own review of the platform, to see if it is a legit platform.

Yellowcard customer care/support

If you want to reach Yellowcard, you can do that on the below channels:

+12512200141 on WhatsApp





Telegram: –

Alternatives to

If you decide against using yellowcard, there are other good exchanges to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria.

If you want to get involved in buying and selling cryptocurrency, you could try these trusted Nigerian exchanges.


Naira2usd is an e-currency exchange in Nigeria, owned by simac c & s services and funds ( buy,sell and exchange).

You can buy perfect money, bitcoin, webmoney, ethereum, litecoin, dash, bitcoin cash e.t.c.

One advantage of the Naira2usd platform is that you can buy or sell e-currency without going through the usual rigorous verification process that other platforms put you through.


Naira4dollar is a company of sunej global ventures limited, it is an e-currency exchange company that has been in operation since as far back as 2006.

Naira4dollar is registered with the CAC with registration code RC-1069456.

Instantgold Nigeria:

Instantgold Nigeria is a Nigerian e-currency exchange that was established in the year 2007, they specialize in the provision of fast and efficient e-currency exchange to their clients.


Nairaex is a Bitcoin exchange platform that is based in abeokuta, ogun state, Nigeria.

Nairaex is into buying and selling of different types of e-currencies, unlike peer to peer exchange, that already have in stock whatever e-currency that you want to buy.


Remitano is owned by Babylon solutions limited, a Seychelles based company, it is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2014.

Remitano just like coincola is not a direct exchange, but a peer to peer exchange.

Remitano allows sellers to list their crypto assets for sale. When a buyer requests to buy a crypto asset, the seller transfers the crypto asset to remitano’s wallet.

When the buyer has paid the agreed amount to the seller. Remitano remits the locked coin to the buyer


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