Pecktrade review (Is pecktrad legit?)

Pecktrade review (Is pecktrad legit?)

Pecktrade review (Is pecktrad legit?)

Pecktrade is a gift card trading website where you can redeem your gift cards for cash in Nigeria at good rates.

Pecktrad claim to be direct gift card loaders and unlike other platforms that act as middleman, pecktrad will load the gift cards themselves, this will make them give you favorable rates on your gift cards.

If you have just heard about pecktrad and want to know if it is legit and trusted, this post will guide you and also show you some of the best sites to trade gift card in Nigeria.

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What is a gift card?

Gift card


A gift card is a type of card that is used by a retail store. This card usually has cash value and can be used for purchases within that particular store.

This means that you can’t use a gift card issued by one store to make purchases on another store.

These gift cards are usually given out by the stores to ensure you return back to it. It is sometimes a strategy used by marketers.

Popular gift cards are steam wallet gift card, iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Google play store gift card, Walmart gift card, jc Penney gift card, Nike gift card, visa gift card, Nordstrom gift card, target gift card, apple store gift card, e-bay gift card, gift card, Macy’s gift card, America Express gift card, Footlocker gift card, g2a gift card, Sephora gift card, iTunes 25 special gift card, Xbox gift card etc.

How to sell gift cards on pecktrad?

Before you can redeem gift cards on pecktrad, you will have to follow the below steps:

  1. You will need to register an account on pecktrad
  2. Enter your correct email address, phone number and password.
  3. You will receive a welcome email once registration is done.
  4. Login to your account.
  5. Once you are on the dashboard, click any of the SELL GIFT CARD buttons to initiate a trade.
  6. Select any of the gift card options you have to trade.
  7. You will be required to input your bank details before trading because payment is sent to your specified bank account once the trade is completed.
  8. Enter your trade details, including amount, select bank details, gift card picture and an optional comment.
  9. Wait a few minutes for verification.
  10. The wait time depends on the type of gift card.
  11. iTunes, Amazon, steam, google play and other similar cards take within 5-10 minutes. Gift cards like applestore, Sephora, walmart etc. take within 15-60 minutes.
  12. Payment is sent once the card is successfully verified. You will receive an email notification after


Is pecktrad legit?

Pecktrad is a fairly new platform for trading gift cards, and there are not many reviews online about them, it can be hard to tell if their legit or not.

My advice is for you to do your homework before dealing with them, and make sure you know who is behind the platform before you trade with them.

NOTE: Coinistnigeria is no way affiliated with pecktrad, and will not be liable for any breakdown in your transactions with them.

Other plaforms to trade gift cards in Nigeria


Afrbtc is a professional website for buying gift cards and Bitcoin.

Afrbtc is a website for trading gift cards in Nigeria. You can sell iTunes gift card, sell your Amazon gift card, Google play gift card, steam wallet gift card e.t.c.

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Sellcardbtc is a gift card trading website. On sellcardbtc, you can sell your iTunes card, convert Amazon gift card to naira, sell Sephora card, sell googleplay, steam and Walmart gift card and also Bitcoin.

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Cardnosh is registered under the Nigerian corporate affairs commission with the name cardnosh trading services and RC number 2777339.

They have been in existence since 2016. On cardnosh you can trade iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, steam, Walmart gift cards, Sephora gift card e.t.c

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Cardtonic is a trading platform duly registered under Nigeria’s corporate affairs with the name “cardtonic trading services” and RC number 2654401.

You can sell iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card e.t.c

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  1. I just got scammed by them.

    They built their website so well that will make you trust them but they are cooperate scammer.

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