(is it a legit exchange?) (is it a legit exchange?)

Naira2usd review

Is Naira2usd a legit exchange?

With the ever increasing popularity of e-currencies, more and more local exchanges where one can buy e-currency spring up Everytime.

Picking a particular exchange where one can buy e-currency can become a bit of a challenge. Questions arise like:

1. How trusted is it?
2. How fast do they deliver on orders?
3. How good is their customer care?

One of the advantage of local exchanges over foreign ones is the ease of payment and the fact that one can pay in local currency.

Naira2usd is a local exchange based in Nigeria where one can buy e-currency.

By the end of this review, you should know if using Naira2usd is the right option for you, or if you will be better with other alternatives.

Table of contents

i. Naira2usd

ii. Naira2usd supported e-currencies

iii. How to sell e-currency

iv. How to buy e-currency

v. Naira2usd Payment options

vi. Customer support

vii. Transaction fees

viii. is it a trusted/legit exchange?

ix. Other services

x. Referral program

xi. Naira2usd alternatives

xii. Conclusion


Naira2usd homepage
Naira2usd homepage


Naira2usd is an e-currency exchange in Nigeria, owned by simac c and s services and funds (Buy/sell and exchange).

Naira2usd supported e-currencies

Naira2usd supports the following e-currencies

1. Perfect money
2. Bitcoin
3. Webmoney
4. Payoneer
5. Litecoin
6. Ethereum
7. Neteller
8. Neo & gas
9. Zcash
10. Dash
11. Bitcoin cash
12. Cardano
13. Skrill

Any other e-currency not listed can also be bought or sold if you contact Naira2usd’s customer support.

How to sell e-currency

One advantage of the Naira2usd platform is that you can buy or sell e-currency without going through the rigorous verification process other platform puts you through

Naira2usd review
Naira2usd review


To sell e-currencies like perfect money, PayPal, cardano, zcash e.t.c you will have go through the following processes

1. Sign up an account (if you don’t have one)

2. Login to your account.

3. Navigate to your member area

4. Check the current price of the currency that you want to sell, as the price flunctuates regularly.

5. After checking the price, click on the “sell” button and a form will appear.

6. Fill it correctly and make sure you verify the details before submitting.

7. Click on the “Alert” button. This is an important step, as without clicking on it, your account will likely not be funded.

Your account should be funded in not more than 24 hours, but in cases of complications, it may extend to at least 48 hours.


Buy or sell e-currency on Naira2usd
Buy or sell e-currency on Naira2usd

How to buy e-currency

Before buying e-currencies like Bitcoin, zcash, cardano e.t.c you must go through the following processes:

1. Sign up for an account (if you don’t have one)

2. Login to your account

3. Click on the “buy” button and a form should appear

4. Fill it correctly, make sure you verify before submitting it. Payment details need to be filled and it includes your account numbers. An invoice will be sent to your email. It will include complete details of the submitted form along with your account numbers.

5. Make payment in whatever given format you choose.

6. Click on the “alert” button. This is a very important step, as without clicking on it, your account will likely not be funded.

Funding of your account should take only a few minutes to complete.

It is suggested to check the currencies listed on the website, before any order is made. Also the exchange rate of various currencies flunctuates, so it is better you check the prices before you make an order.

Naira2usd payment options

One of the advantages of local exchanges over foreign ones is usually the ease of payment.

Naira2usd has different payment options:

Bank deposit

To make payment via this method, you will have to get the Naira2usd account number, you will then pay the agreed money through your local bank to that account.

You will also need to send a scanned copy of your deposit to Naira2usd customer support, to act as proof of payment.

Mobile transfer

You can also transfer directly to the Naira2usd account through your smartphone or other devices. It is a better method than the bank deposit.

Online transfer

Online transfer is like mobile transfer. You transfer the agreed amount to Naira2usd’s bank account.


Naira2usd also accepts payment via Bitcoin.

Naira2usd customer support

An exchange is sometimes only as good as it’s customer support. Naira2usd’s support can be reached at:

Email address

Phone numbers

07051026230, 08091996286

Office address

KM 19 onitsha/owerri road, onitsha, anambra state.

Other contact links:

WhatsApp support: 07051026230 (24/7 and holidays).

Transaction fees

Naira2usd does not charge transaction fees.

This doesn’t mean they don’t make profit, they make profit from the buying and selling rates of the e-currencies.

Is it a trusted/legit exchange?

Yes it is. Naira2usd is a legit exchange that has been in business for a long time.

I have personally used the exchange on more than one occasion and can testify to their fast services.

It is definitely an exchange I will recommend to people looking to buy e-currency.

Other services

Pay4me services

This is a service to people who don’t have personal PayPal, credit/ debit, perfect money, neteller or Skrill but need to make online payment or purchase.

It provides solution for those that need to buy products or pay for services with other online payment system like PayPal, payza, 2checkout, digitalrivers, worldpay e.t.c.

Some of these systems do not accept payment from Nigeria, this is where Naira2usd comes in.

Vcc and Vba

European, non- European and USA PayPal virtual prepaid credit card, virtual bank account and documents for verification.

This is a special virtual prepaid credit card with a validity period of 12 months which could be used to verify your PayPal account, be it that of United kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Cyprus e.t.c That of United States of America has a validity of 4 years.

Referral program

Naira2usd has a referral program that pays you a percentage for every customer you bring.

Payment from your referrals are made anytime you request it.

Commission must be in good standing before payment is made.

Commission is usually 0.5% on both buy and sell order for lifetime.

You can’t refer yourself.

Payment is made to you by perfect money.

Naira2usd alternatives

If you feel Naira2usd is not for you, there are alternatives you can choose from.

These alternatives usually have their pros and cons. Some have good support, fast delivery e.t.c


Ngexchanger is a company based in port-harcourt Nigeria that deals on the buying and selling and exchange of digital currencies, they have been in operation for over 2 years.


Nairaex is a Bitcoin exchange platform that is based in abeokuta, ogun state Nigeria. Nairaex is into buying and selling of different types of e-currencies.


Naira4dollar is a company of sunej global ventures limited. An ICT company registered by the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria.

Naira4dollar is an e-currency exchange company that has been in operation since 2006.


Jostpay is a peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling of Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and litecoin in Nigeria.

The exchange you will choose will depend on personal preference.


Naira2usd is a great company, and I love their services. The website is beautiful and responsive.

The dashboard is very easy to use, the user interface is top notch.

The customer support is great and they deliver on orders as quick as promised.

All in all Naira2usd is a great exchange and I will recommend it to anyone looking to buy e-currency.

Thank you for reading this Naira2usd review, leave your comments below.

Have you used Naira2usd before?…what was your experience….drop your reviews in the comment section below…Thank you for reading my Naira2usd review

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5 thoughts on “ (is it a legit exchange?)

  1. Am begging everyone in this place to help me beg naira2usd to credit me the bitcoin I paid for

    I never knew they are Scammers
    They stopped picking calls and replying to messages

    Please if anyone know how I can get my money back should help me
    I helped someone to buy the bitcoin and the person is on my neck

    Make una help me abeg

  2. Pls find an alternative to this exchanger. No prompt services, zero customer relation, does funding when it pleases with no reason to delays or non responsiveness.

  3. naira2usd are scammers. DO NOT TRANSACT ANY BIZ WITH THEM. Theyre full time scammers. Pls dont even try to even call them, least do biz with them

  4. i have been with Naira2USD since 2017… they have been the best in Skrill and Neteller exchange. Only that the support takes time to pick calls

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