Instant gold Nigeria (Is it a trusted exchange?)

Instant gold Nigeria (Is it a trusted exchange?)

Instantgold Nigeria review

Is instantgold a trusted exchange?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies in recent years and more people investing in it, Bitcoin exchanges have been increasing in number. The popular cryptocurrency exchanges like coinbase, binance are raking in millions of dollars in profit. Local exchanges like Nairaex, ngexchanger are also holding their own.

The biggest advantage of using these local exchanges is the convenience of payment and the easily accessible customer care. In this review, we are going to be looking at local Nigerian exchange called “Instantgold Nigeria”.

In this review, am going to be writing about:

i. Instantgold Nigeria(Who are they and what they do)
ii. E-currency they deal on
iii. How to buy e-currency
iv. How to sell e-currency
v. How to pay
vi. The referral program
vii. Customer care
viii. How trusted are they

Instantgold Nigeria

Instantgold homepage
Instantgold homepage

Instantgold Nigeria is a Nigerian e-currency exchange that was established in the year 2007, they specialize in the provision of fast and efficient e-currency exchange to their clients.
They have offices in Lagos and portharcourt.

Lagos office: No 75 Mobolaji bank Anthony way, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Port-harcourt office: Sulte 18, Emmanuel plaza, GU Ake Road, Rivers State Nigeria.

E-currency they deal on
i. Bitcoin
ii. Perfect money
iii. Ethereum

How to buy e-currency on Instantgold Nigeria

Before you can buy any e-currency on Instantgold Nigeria, you need to register an account


Register on Instantgold Nigeria
Register on Instantgold Nigeria
Buy e-currency from Instantgold Nigeria
Buy e-currency from Instantgold Nigeria

After registering

1. Click on Buy e-currency

2. Input the desired amount of the e-currency you want to buy in Us dollar and select the e-currency account type you want to buy/fund.

3.Click on PROCEED button to generate a payment invoice with the transaction number. Copy down instantgold’s bank information and the transaction reference number from the page. The same details will be sent to your registered email.

4.Click on CONFIRM to record/save the transaction or click CANCEL to delete the transaction. (Note that only a confirmed invoice is valid and will be shown in your account history. Once a transaction is confirmed, a successful confirmation message showing Instantgold’s bank information and the transaction reference number will be sent to your registered email. You should check your spam folder if you don’t get this in your inbox folder.

How to sell e-currency on Instantgold Nigeria

Before you sell e-currency on Instantgold Nigeria, you need to have a registered account, if you have one, move to the below steps:

How to sell e-currency on Instantgold Nigeria
How to sell e-currency on Instantgold Nigeria

1. From your Instantgold Nigeria account, click on Sell e-currency.

2. Input the desired amount of e-currency you want to sell in Us dollars and select the type of e-currency.

3. Click on PROCEED to generate the invoice.

4. Make sure yoou read from the beginning of the invoice page to the end. Take note of your bank account information showing on the invoice page and make sure that it is correct before you proceed.

5. Click on PROCEED to start the withdrawal process on the e-currency shopping cart interface or click on CANCEL to annul the particular withdrawal transaction. If the withdrawal is completed successfully, a successful confirmation message, batch number of the transaction and other transaction information are shown on the e-currency shopping cart interface.

6. Click on RETURN TO MERCHANT or any other message that may show up confirming the success of the just concluded withdrawal.

You will automatically receive a confirmation message in your email about the just concluded transaction and the status of the transaction will be shown as COMPLETED.

How to pay

You can pay for e-currency on Instantgold either via:

i. Cash deposit
ii. Internet/mobile/ATM transfer

Cash deposit

According to the Instantgold website:

The name of the depositor should be either your first name and the transaction number or your transaction number only. For instance, if your name is COINIST and the transaction number is 101020. Then, the name of depositor could be COINIST (101020) or 101020.

Internet/mobile/ATM transfer

In case of an electronic transfer, you must specify your transaction reference number in the memo/remark/message/purpose field provided by the bank website. In case your order is not fulfilled after 24hours. You can call on telephone or chat on Live chat.

Note: Instantgold’s unverified accounts have a daily spending limit of $1,000. To verify your account, you need to scan your utility and photo ID to

Referral program

Instantgold Nigeria pays for every person you bring to the platform. Anyone who clicks on your referral link, and registers, you will receive commission of up to 0.4% of their total transaction (0.25% funding, 0.15% withdrawal).

Customer care

Instantgold’s customer care can be reached at:

Tel no: 08062069637

How trusted are they

Instantgold is one of the few trusted exchanges in Nigeria, I have personally used it and apart from some few misunderstandings with some customers, I have seen nothing but positive reviews of this platform, and I will recommend it to anyone looking to buy e-currency.

Instantgold alternatives

All these exchanges listed above have things that work for them and things that work against them. Some of these exchanges have really good and fast customer care, others are really quick at fulfilling orders. All in all, the exchange you use will depend on your own individual requirements.


I have used a lot of foreign exchanges for transacting, most times for business purposes and others for just experimentation. At the end, I found using local exchanges to be much easier. Exchanges like Nairaex, ngexchanger and Instantgold have shown that they are here to stay for a very long time.

The only real problem I have with instantgold’s platform, is that their website is not really mobile friendly, and their customer care is a bit slow at times, other than that, it is a fairly good exchange, I hope you have enjoyed reading my Instantgold review, if you have questions, leave them below..thank you.

Have you used this exchange before? What was your experience? Do you know of better alternatives to these exchanges? you can leave them in the comment section below.

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  2. I use instant gold nigeria too and I found their customer care awesome. My bitcoin wallet is usually funded within 10mins. They are good. I recomment them.

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