Jostpay review (All you need to know)

Jostpay review (All you need to know)

Jostpay review (All you need to know)

With the rise of bitcoin and the ever increasing amount for cryptocurrencies in circulation, the number of platforms where one can buy or sell these cryptocurrencies is also on the increase. Today am going to be reviewing a local platform where you can buy bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin in Nigeria, it is called jostpay. You may or may not have heard of it, it really doesn’t matter as this review is for anyone.

Jostpay review


JOSTPAY is a peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling of bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin in Nigeria. Some of the features on jostpay are:

1. Sending and receiving of bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash
2. Sending of bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash directly into your Nigerian bank account.
3. Bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash wallet for every new account.

Digital currencies available on Jostpay

The digital currencies on jostpay are:
1. Bitcoin
2. Litecoin
3. Bitcoin cash
4. Perfect money

How to register on jostpay

Unlike other cryptocurrency platform, Jostpay does not require you to provide a valid government ID card. When registering, all you need is to input your:

1. Firstname
2. Last name
3. Email address
4. Phone number

Your registration and login is protected using an email verification system.

How to buy cryptocurrency on jostpay

Follow these steps to buy cryptocurrency on the jostpay platform

1. Login to your account on jostpay or register a new account and verify the account.
2. Click on “Buy” link in the dashboard
3. Decide which cryptocurrency you which to buy e.g buy bitcoin, litecoin or bitcoin cash.
4. Find and select your preferred seller from the list of traders by clicking the “Buy now” button.
5. Go through the trader’s terms and make sure it suits you.
6. Input the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy.
7. Proceed by clicking “send request.”
8. Your request will be sent to the seller and you will get a notification via text and email of transaction acceptance or rejection from the seller. An acceptance notification will contain seller’s phone contact, in which you will call the seller for bank details. On crediting seller’s account, seller confirms your transaction by validating your payment and then funding your wallet address on jostpay.

How to sell on jostpay

There are two different options to sell your bitcoin (BTC), litecoin(LTC) and bitcoin cash on jostpay
1. You can sell directly to jostpay using the send money link in your account.
2. You can sell via the jostpay marketplace

Follow these steps to sell cryptocurrency on the jostpay platform:

1.Login to your account on jostpay or register a new account and verify the account
2.Click on “sell” on your dashboard
3. Decide which cryptocurrency you wish to sell
4.Find and select the preferred trader from the list by clicking on the “sell now” button.
5.Go through the trade terms and make sure it suits you.
6. Input the amount of cryptocurrency you want to sell
7. Input your bank account details
8. Proceed by clicking “send request”

Your request will be sent to the selected trader for approval. Note that , trader can either accept or reject your sell request. If your request is accepted, you will receive an email and sms notification. You need to check your email for instruction, you are required to send the exact amount to the cryptocurrency address displayed in the email.
As soon as you send the exact amount of cryptocurrency to the generated address sent to your email, you will receive a “transfer received notice” via your registered email and sms after your payment has been received by jostpay.
Note that, this notification is just to inform you that jostpay has received your cryptocurrency but it has not been confirmed yet in the blockchain, so you need to exercise little patience until your transfer is confirmed.
As soon as your transfer is confirmed, jostpay will notify you again via email and sms that your transfer is confirmed and you are required to contact the trader by phone to expedite the completion of your transfer to the bank. As soon as the trader credits your account, make sure you confirm the money by logging into your account via internet banking confirm the credit from the trader. Once you have confirmed the funds, you are required to release the cryptocurrency into the trader account.
To release the cryptocurrency, login to your jostpay account, click on Buy/sell request, locate the order ID and click action button and select the release button.

Accepted banks on jostpay

1. Access bank
2. Diamond bank
3. Eco bank
5. Fidelity
6.First bank
7. GT bank
8. Skye bank
9. Stanbic IBTC bank
10. Sterling bank
11. UBA
12. Wema
13. Zenith
14. Unity
15. Keystone bank

Jostpay support

Jostpay’s support can be reached at +2349055238293 or by email

Jostpay’s referral program

Jostpay has a referral program with which you can get up to 25% on every person you refer.


Jostpay seems a solid platform, although i do think the process of buying and selling is a little bit complicated, especially for beginners, but it is definitely something they can work on.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my “jostpay review”. Leave your comments below.


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