How to Open and verify Cash app account in Nigeria

How to Open and verify Cash app account in Nigeria

How to Open and verify Cash app account in Nigeria

Cash app Nigeria

Read my post on how to open and verify cash app account in Nigeria.

There is lots of information on the internet about how to open a verified cash app account in Nigeria, but most are not that detailed. In this article, I will put together a list of resources that will provide you with everything you need to know in order to create a standard cash app account, start earning money as quickly and easily as possible.

With this particular app, which is called Cash App, users are able to connect their phones with their bank accounts in order to store money, receive and send money and also convert digital currency into cash.

The reason why I am writing this guide is that, currently, the Cash app is not available in Nigeria, but many people are still somehow using it. In this guide, I am going to show you a back door that you can use to create a standard and verified Cash app account.

But before we get to the guide, it will be an added advantage if you know a few facts about Cash app.

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What is Cash app?

Cash App is a mobile app that was formerly known as Square (a company that provides mobile payment services such as mobile credit card processing, point of sale services, and online ordering) in 2012. This American company was founded by Jack Dorsey in October 2013, he is also the CEO.

The Square Cash App is essentially a peer-to-peer payment app that can be used to send and receive money from people who are connected to you through your phone number or email address. Users can install the app on both Android and iOS devices.

The cash app does not only provide the easiest way to get paid online, but it also provides a huge opportunity for users to be able to earn extra income every week through its refer a friend program.

Requirements you need to have before creating a Cash app account in Nigeria

  1. A strong VPN: Yes, you read it right! The Cash App requires a strong VPN in Nigeria – and not some hacked version. The reason for this is because Cash App allows you to send money to people who are not from the same country that you are, you need to bypass limitations and their security is also very tight, and if they detect your IP, you might get your account blocked without consideration. This is why a strong VPN is needed. The following VPNs should do the trick: VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield, Windscribe, and others.
  2. An active E-mail address: There are two ways you can get this. You can either create a brand new email address, or you can use an existing one like Gmail, Yahoo, or Whichever method you choose, make sure that this email address is the one that will be used permanently for your Cash App account.
  3. An active USA phone number: You will need this in order to register for a Cash App account in Nigeria and also to receive payments sent through the app. You can purchase a USA phone number on various websites, but the one I like and use the most is
  4. You will need the Cash app installed: This is obvious already, you will need to first install the Cash app application, you can visit Google play store for Android users and the IOS app store for apple phone users. Make sure to not download the Cash app pirated copies or hacked and modified versions as they might contain viruses, your money will also be vulnerable to hacks and attacks.
  5. A USA working credit or debit card: You will need this in case you want to withdraw money or send money, if you have a way you can get a USA credit or debit card, then you can link it, but if you do not, you will have to settle for bitcoin transactions only.

How to open a verified cash app (Step by step)

If you have gotten all the requirements needed ready, then you can move to this step. Below is the step by step guide you need to follow:

Step #1: Before you begin, make sure to open up your VPN app, turn it on and choose one location in the United States

Step #2: Navigate to the Cash app application and click it open, after that, fill in your working E-mail address

Step #3: Or, if you have a working USA phone number you can input that instead of the E-mail address

Step #4: Now, after input one of the two above options, you will be sent a 6 digit code so as to confirm your authenticity, check for the code and input it into a box provided by Cash app, then click on the enter button

Step #5: Your location should be displayed as the United States if your VPN is working, if yes, click continue, after continuing, you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card, link a USA credit or debit card only if you have one. If not, click on SKIP

Step #6: In the next screen prompt, you will be asked to enter your Full Name and also choose a Cash tag people would be using to send you money and identity your account easily, the Cash tag is just a username that serves as a bank account.

Step #7: The last step will require you to enter your USA residential/home address, you can easily look up an address on google and paste it in the required box

If you followed the steps above, congratulations! You’ve now successfully secured yourself a working Cash app with no limitations which you can use to send and receive money even from people abroad.

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How to withdraw money from your Cash app account easily

It’s important to note that Bitcoin transfers are the only way to get your money out of the Cash App if you do not link a USA credit or debit card. Every country can use the Cash App to withdraw bitcoins.

You will be able to withdraw up to $2,000 per day and $5,000 per week when using it. However, if you use a debit card to cash out, you can withdraw up to $25,000 per week.

You will be requested to supply certain information even before you can withdraw utilizing Bitcoin transactions, and that is the main challenge here. You must be cautious while entering this information, as incorrect information may result in your account being locked.

You’ll be asked to verify your identity with a PHOTO ID, such as an international passport, a driver’s license, or a work ID that matches the information on your profile.

Before you submit your ID to Cash App, be sure to snap and scan it. You’ll also be required to provide your phone number. Which is a valid phone number in the United States. Your account’s limits will be immediately lifted if you enter these details accurately.

After Cash app has lifted the limit on your account, then follow the steps below to withdraw using the Bitcoin method:

  1. Click on withdraw bitcoin on the homepage
  2. Select fund and click on bitcoin
  3. Input the amount of bitcoin you would like to withdraw
  4. Enter your bitcoin wallet address to receive the withdrawn amount


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Thanks for reading my post on how to open and verify cash app account in Nigeria, I hope the guide and tips are useful and will work for you, if it works, kindly use the comment section to let me know. If you are encountering a problem, use the comment section too and you will be gotten back to with an appropriate solution and feedbacks.

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