10 Best online savings platform in Nigeria

10 Best online savings platform in Nigeria

10 Best online savings platform in Nigeria

Online savings apps in Nigeria

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It is hard to save money in Nigeria. The cost of living is very high and the amount that you are given, in a month, as salary or savings bank account might not be enough to sustain your needs. Although modern technology has made it possible for people to stay connected with the rest of the world from their homes; saving money anytime and anywhere can be challenging even for those who have been online very early.

But saving is not so hard any more with the help of various online savings platform that has been created by companies that have it in mind to help people save money easily and quickly.

Stick through to the end of this post as I will be listing the 10 best online savings and investment apps in Nigeria.


PiggyVest is West Africa’s first online “savings and investment” app. On the 7th of January 2016, they debuted as “Piggybank.ng” as a savings-only platform.

They only provided people savings for three years. Then, in April year 2019, they changed their platform name to “PiggyVest” and started providing consumers direct investment opportunities in addition to savings.

After four years, they have maintained to provide exceptional service to over one million people, assisting them in managing their funds with ease and openness. Every month, its users save and invest billions of Naira that they would have spent otherwise.

PiggyVest’s purpose is to “empower everyone to better manage and increase their finances”.

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Cowrywise is a financial technology startup that is digitizing the African investment management business and democratizing access to savings and investment products for Africa’s increasing middle class and millennial population.

In June 2017, Ahmed Razaq (CEO) and Edward Popoola (CTO) co-founded Cowrywise.

They are creating a digital savings and investing culture for the next generation of wealthy Africans, with over 150,000 subscribers. Cowrywise is a Y Combinator firm and the first Nigerian company to be accepted into the JP Morgan and UKAID-backed Catalyst Fund program.

Kuda bank

Kuda bank is a really popular banking system in Nigeria which you can use to transfer or receive payments no matter where you are in Nigeria, now, they have added a new feature which lets you save for future or later purposes.

You can save as you spend (spend + save) or save daily, weekly and monthly, you can also choose the fixed savings option so you can incur a 15% annual interest.

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Pettysave is a technological firm that creates economic and online infrastructure to help people achieve financial independence. You may use their program to safely save, spend, and grow your money.

You can personalize your savings plan, construct plans for numerous goals, and receive competitive returns either immediately or at the end of the plan’s term.

They also have donations features, Individuals and organizations can use the Pettysave contributions function to set up donation plans to help others or a charity cause.

They are not that popular yet, but they have attracted a large mass of people using their platform, they handle transactions with top-tier payment processors and protect your data with the highest level of internet security.


SumoTrust is an automated saving and investment platform that is assisting Africans in reshaping their poor saving and investment habits. If you need money to start a business, pay rent, purchase a house, buy a car, go shopping, pay school fees, and so on, set aside money and work toward your financial goals.

SumoTrust is a product of Sumo Tech Global Limited, a financial company with the RC NUMBER: 1524989 registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

In collaboration with, Nigeria’s greatest business and entrepreneurship blog, which has been read millions of times around the world, to provide a FREE business academy for entrepreneurs to begin creating jobs with fewer resources. With SumoTrust, you have the option of saving and raising funds for a specific purpose or investing your funds to receive annual profit returns.


DigiKolo is a flexible savings platform developed by Digital Space Capital Limited with the intention of helping individuals with a financial goal to develop a suitable savings culture. DigiKolo allows you to do more with your money, whether it’s traditional saves, target savings, or locking it aside for a set amount of time.

They have three savings plans:

Their various savings features are tailored to meet a variety of requirements. The following functionalities are included in the DigiKolo app:

  • DigiKolo: A savings account where you can save money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • DigiTarget: This plan assists you in committing to a goal for a set length of time, as well as saving for a goal or event with a high return on your investment.
  • DigiLock: This is a set savings option that allows you to lock in your savings for a specific time period.

DigiKolo is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. They employ the greatest standards of internet security to provide you peace of mind regarding the protection of your money.


Payday Investor is a convenient and safe way to save money for the things you want. Over time, you’ll make more money on your investments. ARM Investment Managers, a division of Asset & Resource Management Holding Company, created the PayDay savings platform (ARM). The investor app allows you to earn income while saving or investing money on a regular basis. It has a savings interest rate of 10.9 percent to 12%.

You can make a strategy for investing that allows you to do it automatically and whenever you choose. Choose how much you want to invest weekly or monthly, and they’ll take care of the rest with a few mouse clicks and even go further with your squad, partner, or community by committing to common goals.


The KolоPау savings platform in Nigeria allows you to save money for a certain goal over a period of time. What’s more, you may share your savings goal with anyone (friends and family), allowing them to contribute to the attainment of your goal. KoloPay has an annual interest rate of up to ten percent and withdrawal fees of up to five percent if you withdraw before the deadline.


SmartSaver.ng is a secure smart financial technology solution that allows Nigerians to automate their savings on a recurrent basis, giving them the option to save sensibly and earn handsome interest on their investments. The Savings Target could be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, making the process of saving Smarter, Faster, and More Convenient.

They provide active savers with the option of borrowing money to help them meet the needs of ordinary life, such as when they run out of money. This is a terrific way to reward savers by giving them access to more money as they continue to save and earn a competitive rate of interest, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can cover themselves when cash isn’t available.

They use 256-bit encryption to protect the transport of your data to their HTTPS SSL connection site, demonstrating their commitment to the security of your account and data. Our banking partner encrypts and stores all financial information in accordance with the PCI-DSS Level 1 standard. Your bank information is never stored by SmartSaver.ng.


Riby is Nigeria’s leading digital cooperative and trade organization platform. They use their platform to help members of these groups gain access to financial services such as savings and loans.

Their goal is to provide financial access and stability for millions of Africans. Many low- and middle-income earners have used shared economic models such as cooperatives and thrift accounts to save, obtain loans, and pay for necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare over the years.

With the world becoming more digital, it’s more crucial than ever that these shared economic models have the tools they need to survive and make a bigger impact on the lives of everyone involved, and that’s exactly what Riby is all about: helping people live better financial lives.

Riby is a platform that was created to help individuals, small businesses, and startups save, invest, and borrow money at low interest rates. Riby primarily collaborates with financial institutions and payment service providers.

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These Fintech platforms make it a lot easier to save, invest, and accumulate wealth if you’re seeking for a convenient way to do it. Examine these platforms and select the one that best suits your needs.

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