airdrop (Claim $25 after registration) airdrop (Claim $25 after registration) airdrop (Claim $25 after registration)

Read all about airdrop.

Follow the below instructions to claim this airdrop:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Register with your email address, username, password
  3. Click on REGISTER
  4. To get $25, you will need to complete KYC
  5. Invite 5 parties to complete KYC and get $100 reward


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Skylex Network provides highest quality digital products and services, giving you the opportunity to earn money by staking coins, validating transactions, growing your network and much more. Skylex Network also rewards you by its edge-cutting bonuses paid for your activity.

Skylex IVO and ICO

Skylex sells SLX Coins and SLX Nodes. Nodes are long-term purchases that give you a significant amount of SLX Coins located in one node. Nodes will work for your profit each day, adding new funds to your wallet – every 5 seconds, for next 5 years. Get your first Node and let your wallet grow.

Skylex SwapApp

SwapApp gives the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies directly in the app by other crypto or bank cards/transfers. By using SwapApp you can also easily swap one crypto to another with the lowest fees.

Skylex Exchange

Centralised cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) that provides you with a multitude of services such as a crypto trading platform, account services (account funding and withdrawal), financial instruments like futures, NFT market and more.

Is airdrop legit or scam?

Only time will tell. Cryptocurrency is a high risk investment, so before you go into it, make sure you study up on it, and as always, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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