How to become an Opay Agent in Nigeria

How to become an Opay Agent in Nigeria

How to become an Opay Agent in Nigeria

Opay agent

Read my post on how to become an Opay agent in Nigeria.

OPay is an online transaction platform that allows customers to make banking transactions, buy airtime, pay bills, and other services using their mobile phones.

Registering as an OPay agent will allow you to start earning commission for every successful transaction made with your registered phone number.  As an Opay agent, you are already one step towards having another source of revenue and start making income.

In this article, we shall be discussing how to become an OPay Agent, Opay Agent Requirement, and Registration Form E.T.C

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Benefits of becoming an Opay agent

There are numerous benefits to using an OPay agent, which we will discuss. As an agent, you have a possibility to gain from the following:

  • You will be able to withdraw cash from your wallet quickly and easily.
  • As an agent, OPay will provide you with POS for free; you will not be charged.
  • The registration charge is free if you register with a zero amount.
  • Customer service center responds quickly.
  • There are no fees for any of your transactions (airtime recharge, electricity bill, cable TV subscription, and cash transfer and withdrawal).

Opay Agent Requirements

  • You must be able to read, write, and communicate in English.
  • Provide the necessary documents: a passport photo, a utility bill, a form of identification, and paperwork from the Corporate Affairs Commission (optional).
  • For consumer contact, a modest or medium-sized shop will be required.
  • You’ll need an Android phone that’s both functioning and internet-ready.
  • Customer service abilities will be advantageous.
  • BVN: A biometric verification number is another criterion that you must submit when registering for OPay.

How to register as an Opay agent

If you have all of the above requirements, then the next step is to go ahead and register, below are the easy step-by-step guide you need to follow:

  • This link will allow you to download and install the OPay App on your Android phone.
  • Go to the Apple Store and download and install Opay for iPhones as well.
  • To finish the installation, use your current phone number.
  • Contact the Customer Service team and ask for your registration form.
  • Complete the form completely and include the following items: a passport photo, a utility bill, a form of identification, and CAC papers (optional).
  • Finally, finish the process; you can now begin your transaction. Their customer care can be reached at or through WhatsApp (+2349066722924).

In Opay, you can also chat with their online support service. On the app’s homepage, tap the Chat function in the bottom-left corner. To chat with the agent, enter the phone number you used to register and click confirm.

How to get Opay POS machine

For your online account transaction, get a point of sale (POS) system with Opay.

  • Install the Opay app for Android or iPhone on your mobile device.
  • Complete the Opay agent form, this way, you will get to upgrade your (KYC) Know Your Customer status
  • Carry on with your business. When it is ready to be picked up, you will be notified.

Please note that Opay POS is completely free. You are not required to pay anything for it.

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Opay Customer Support

WhatsApp – +234 (01) 8888329

Address – Alexander House, Otunba Jobi Fele Way. Ikeja. Lagos, Nigeria.

Email Address –


What to do if you receive an error message on your POS machine?

On your POS, the following problems are possible:

Error in communication

Failed SSL connection

The wave has been lost. Please try again.

You can switch off the POS for about one minute to resolve these difficulties, then turn it back on and try again. If you’re still having issues, then send a screenshot of the error message to the OPay Team’s WhatsApp group for businesses. The appropriate staff will contact you and provide assistance in resolving the issue.

What to do if you mistakenly transfer money to a wrong bank account?

If you sent money to the wrong account number, I recommend contacting the wrong account’s owner as soon as possible to recover your funds. OPay is not liable for money collected via erroneous peer-to-peer transfers.

Can you register as an agent without having a (CAC) Corporate Affairs Commision or business document?

Yes, you can still register as an OPay merchant even if you don’t have this document.

Is there a transaction limit?

As an OPay merchant, you can receive and transfer up to 5 million Naira every day.

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It is possible to earn more money, and be your own boss by becoming an OPay agent. If you are interested in getting started with this opportunity, just follow through all the steps I have listed above on how to become an opay agent.

First of all, make sure that you have a working phone number that has been verified by Opay. Secondly, fill out the registration form online or download it from their site before submitting it along with some identification documents for verification and approval purposes. Lastly, keep checking back at our blog as we’ll share more information on how to become other POS services agent.

Thank you for reading my post on how to become an Opay agent in Nigeria.


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