Ebantal.com (Extranaira) review (Is Ebantal.com legit or scam?)

Ebantal.com (Extranaira) review (Is Ebantal.com legit or scam?)

Ebantal.com (Extranaira) review (Is Ebantal.com legit or scam?)

Read all about Extranaira/Ebantal in this Ebantal.com review

What is Ebantal Income Program

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Ebantal Income Program (EIP) is a system designed to enrich the members and users of Ebantal Website. An online program driven by a goal of solving the financial problems among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of online earning opportunity as it creates the channel for participant to earn residual income on weekly basis.

How it Works

Ebantal has 2 means of generating income for our members.

Ebantal: Ebantal Ad Revenue Sharing – With Ebantal, participant earns residual income bonus by reading news, commenting on articles, daily login in to their Ebantal account, and even sharing assigned sponsored post on social media.

They share their ads revenue with you monthly when you make Ebantal community your news and information household.


Earning Plan Free

  1. Read News – ₦10 per news (earn on daily news)
  2. Comment – ₦20 per article. (earn on daily news)
  3. Receive A data – 5MB for daily login.
  4. Data bonus- 50MB (first time registration)
  5. Daily Login – ₦50 (once a day)
  6. Sharing Sponsored Posts – ₦150 per share (once a day)
  7. Registration Bonus – ₦1000 (once)
  8. Invite bonus member – ₦500 per user(unlimited)

Ebantal Affiliate/referral program

With Ebantal, you are automatically an affiliate after successful registration. As an affiliate, you can earn a huge commission N500 per referral on anyone who join Ebantal income through your referral link. The more people you refer to join Ebantal Income opportunity, the more earn

So, if you can refer at least 10 people in a day to take advantages of Ebantal Income opportunity daily, you will be earning ₦5,000 daily for free

Ebantal withdrawal

Referral earnings are cashed out every 20th of every month while non-referral earnings are paid twice a month 21st and 25th with first to come first to serve.

The minimum withdrawal for activity earnings is N7,000

And the minimum withdrawal for referral is N10,000

You can request data to your mobile line any time on Ebantal the minimum request data is 100MB all you need is to navigate to request data page click request data put your mobile line submit request and data will be sent to your line in less than 30mins.

Ebantal register/sign up

To sign up on this platform, you will need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on the link https://ebantal.com/register?mref=Moequmak
  2. Input the required details like name, username, email address, password, account name, account number and password
  3. Click on REGISTER
  4. You will then be required to login

Ebantal login

To login on this platform, you will need the following:

  1. Username/Email address
  2. Password

Is Ebantal.com legit?

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We have seen so many platforms like this before, and many of them have crashed and burned after a short period of time, so it won’t be surprising if Ebantal follows a similar path.

However, the only thing we can do is keep our fingers crossed and watch how things will unfold overtime.

The advantage is that it does not require you to invest any type of money in order to earn.

Is Ebantal scam?

There is nothing yet to suggest that this platform is scam.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of EBANTAL.COM?

The owner of this platform is not yet known.


This is a fairly new platform, and they have not been around for long to tag them legit. As with any investment, I always advice my readers to be very careful and also do their own research before registering on any platform.


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