Can loan apps come to my house?

Can loan apps come to my house?

Can loan apps come to my house?

There are numerous loan apps in Nigeria that offer you small loans with little interest rates with no collateral or paperwork.

All you have to do to get a loan is by providing personal information like bank verification number, phone number, email address etc. Some apps even require you to input your personal house address.

Many Nigerians have been known to apply for loans without paying back when the due date reaches.

This has made several loan apps to resort to dirty tactics like phoning their families and friends, harassing them online and many other shady tactics in a bid to get them to pay back.

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Can loan apps come to my house?

When you borrow money from shady loan app which resorts to several tactics like harassing you online, contacting your friends and families in a bid to get you to pay back your loan, then this might make you also worry if they will visit your address.

Loan apps are not allowed to harass their debtors in any form and cannot visit your personal house address for any reason.

Any cases that financial institutions have with customers at the most, should be taken to court. Since most of these apps operate illegally, they can’t use legal means to get back their money, hence why they resort to shady tactics.

However, you should always payback your loans, as failure to do so can prevent you from accessing loans in the future, if you are reported to the credit bureau.

How to know if your BVN has been blacklisted?

Via Credit Bureau of Nigeria

This is one of the ways to check if your BVN is blacklisted, simply by sending a request for your credit report to any of the Nigerian credit reporting agencies. Note you be charged for the service.

Credit Bureau of Nigeria is an institution/firm that collects and researches individual credit information. However, this information is made available to the creditors for a fee, so the creditors can decide on granting loans.

Via online (CreditConnection)

This method is free and fast, unlike the credit reporting agencies that would charge you for the services.

The following step to check if your BVN is backlisted or not

  • Visit www.creditconnection.creditregistry.ngInput your BVN.
  • Input your mobile number used for BVN Registration.
  • Enter the verification code sent to the registered number.
  • Provide all your details.


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