How To Stop Loan App Harassment?

How To Stop Loan App Harassment?

How To Stop Loan App Harassment?

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There have been reports of loan apps sending an offensive message to defaulter contacts to tarnish the defaulter’s image. Although sending offensive msg to defaulter contacts is not right, some defaulter chooses not to pay their loan.

Loan app has helped to sustain a lot of people through hard times but honestly, some people misuse this privilege. Before applying for a loan, you should have a plan for repayment before the due day. Although there are situations whereby users don’t have the money to repay on the due day, others might have the money to repay but find it hard to do so.

There is an African saying “it is easy to take a loan but it is very hard to pay back”. However, the best way to stop loan app harassment is to avoid taking a loan. This article will discuss how to stop loan app harassment. Let’s get into it.

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How To Stop Loan App Harassment?

The following are the best ways to stop loan app harassment;

Pay Your Debt

When you pay your loan before the deadline, no loan app would harass you. Many Nigerian uses loan app to solve financial emergency and pay them back before the loan time expire. You can never hear them complain that a loan app is harassing them. Loan apps only embarrass users who default on their payments, so the best to avoid harassment is to repay your loan on time.

Avoid Loans

No loan app can harass you if you don’t take a loan from them. When you don’t patronize them, they can’t have access to your contact and talk less about sending an offensive message to your contact. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a way to pay back a loan or you don’t intend to pay it back then don’t apply for a loan to avoid being harassed.

How Do Loan App Access My Contact?

Many defaulters are always surprised when a loan app starts sending their contact offensive msg and wonder how the loan app accesses their contact. It is simple, you gave them access to your contact.

When registering a new account with a loan app, at the point when you just login into the app. You would be requested to permit the loan app to access your audio, msg, and contact and when you accepted, your contact will be downloaded to their database.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Loan Apps From Accessing Your Contact

The following are ways to stop the loan app from accessing your contact.

  • Don’t Grant The Loan App Permission

You should understand it is not all apps that request to access your information that you just grant permission. Some apps should just be installed and never given access to your private information like your contacts.

  • Remove Permission From Your Phone Setting

If you have been granted access to a loan app, you can still remove the permission by going to your setting and turning off the permission granted. However, in some situations, the loan app might have downloaded a copy of your information to their database. Then it can only be deleted by an operative of the loan app.

  • Uninstall the App

If you delete the loan app from your phone, it would stop accessing your information.


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How do I escape from loan app harassment?

The best way to escape from loan app harassment is to avoid patronizing them. If you must patronize them, ensure to repay the loan on time.

Can a loan app access my contacts if uninstalled?

No loan app can’t access your contact if it’s uninstalled except if the loan app already downloaded the information when you have granted the loan app permission to access your information.

What happens if the loan app is not paid?

The defaulters are reported to the credit bureau and it would affect your credit score negatively. As well as defaulter BVN would be blacklisted.

Conclusion: How To Stop Loan App Harassment

The best way to stop loan app harassment is not to take loans from the loan app. If you must take loans then ensure to pay on time. No loan app can harass you if you don’t owe them.

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