How To Know Fake Oraimo Power Bank?

How To Know Fake Oraimo Power Bank?

How To Know Fake Oraimo Power Bank?

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Oraimo has captured the hearts of many smartphone users with a quality product. And have always been dedicated to providing the end user with fashionable, durable, and creative products.

Oraimo is one of the most popular accessories brands available in the market. Like any original brand; some bad manufacturer produces fake accessories and gadgets under the disguise of Oraimo to deceive innocent customers.

Due to the numerous fake power bank in disguise of Oraimo products, many Nigerians find it hard to identify the original Oraimo power bank. however, Oraimo has made it easy to get an original power bank or Oraimo product by visiting an authorized online and offline dealer.

This article will discuss how to know fake Oraimo power banks.

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How To Know Fake Oraimo Power Bank

The following are ways to spot a fake Oraimo power bank and other accessories;

Via Verification Number

All Oraimo accessories including the power bank have a 16-digit code found on the back or side product.  So, all you need to do is to enter the 16-digit code on to check if the power bank is a genuine Oraimo product. Additionally, ensure that the code has only been used once, if the website shows the authentication code has been used twice or more. Then that product is fake and the 16- digit code was copied from an original Oraimo product.

QR Code

After scratching or peeling of the seal. Scan the QR code with your phone scanner or download any QR code scanner from the play store or app store then scan the barcode.

The QR code scanner will automatically take you to the official Oraimo website and confirm if the product is genuine. If it is an original Oraimo power bank, you would see it validated with the number of times it has been checked. and if it is fake, you would see not validated or if validated with more than one check then the product is fake.

Check for 2Baba Photo and Signature

Always check for a 2baba photo and signature on the product before purchasing any Oraimo product. However, this method is not quite effective unlike the verification number or QR code method because the photo and signature can easily be forged by a good fake manufacturer company.


is there a fake Oraimo?

Yes, there are a lot of fake products claiming to be from Oraimo to deceive the innocent customer. This is why Oraimo introduced the authentication process to help customer spot if the product they are purchasing is original or fake.

Is the Oraimo power bank good for iOS device?

Yes, it is. Oraimo power bank is good for iOS devices because it offers many features which make it stand out from other power banks on the market.

Which country owns Oraimo?

Oraimo company was founded in Hong Kong. It specializes in the R&D, design, production, and sales of 3C accessories. They are devoted to providing the end user with fashionable and creative products.

Does the Oraimo power bank have a warranty?

Yes, all Oraimo product has a warranty, starting from the date of purchase but there are terms and conditions.

Conclusion: How To Know Fake Oraimo Power Bank

Oraimo is one of the most popular brands in Nigeria in terms of phone accessories and gadgets. However, there are a lot of counterfeit products claiming to be Oraimo brands in other to deceive innocent customers. But Oraimo has introduced the authentication process to eliminate the fake product from the market.

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