Why Is My MTN Sim Not Working?

Why Is My MTN Sim Not Working?

Why Is My MTN Sim Not Working?

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MTN is a south African multinational mobile telecommunication company that operates in many African and Asian countries. MTN was established in 1994, and its head office is in Johannesburg.

However, in Nigeria, mtn was established in 2001 and has become one of the most reliable and dependable network providers. It offers voice calls, text, high-speed internet, and enterprise services.

No matter how far phone technology has advanced, “making or receiving calls” is the most crucial function of any mobile phone. So, it can be frustrating when your sim stops working, and you may wonder why it stops.

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This article will discuss reasons why your mtn sim is not working and possible solutions.

The Reason Why MTN Sim Is Not Working

Improper Insertion Of Sim

Some people tend to make this mistake unknowingly to them. This often happens when you insert your sim facing the wrong direction. However, most mobile phones have a pattern for inserting sim, and the instructions are stated on the phone.

Dust On The Sim

The sim card picks up dust, and when there is dust on the sim microchip might cause it to lose contact with the internal connectors.

Damage Sim

If there is any damage to the gold plates on the sim, it may cause the sim not to work.

Incorrect Network Setting.

Using an incorrect network setting from the factory default setting may cause your sim not to work.

Maintenance/System Update

Once in a while, mtn tends to do system maintenance or upgrade to service you better. So, during this period, your mtn service might not work until the service is restored.


Why Is My MTN Sim Not Working: Possible Solution

Restart The Phone

Rebooting the phone is one of the best ways to get your sim to work, especially when your phone doesn’t recognize the sim.

This method forces all the system processes running in the background to restart and fix all network-related issues. And settings that might interfere with the network settings.

Turn On/Off Airplane Mode.

This is one of the easiest ways to reset your mobile network, especially when your phone doesn’t recognize the sim. Turn on airplane mode, then after a few seconds, turn it back off to reset the mobile network quickly.

Remove The Sim And Reinsert It.

The sim card may be slightly out of place, which can cause it to lose contact with the internal connectors. Some people wonder how this is possible, but it often happens after dropping your device or bumping it against something hard.

It would be best if you remove the sim card and correctly place it in the slot.

Update Your Device.

If your phone version is outdated, it might lead to sim card-related errors. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network, check for available system updates, and update your phone.

However, there are scenarios after updating your phone then, you start experiencing this issue. If that is your case, you must use the network factory setting to set your network back to default.

Using A Different Device

If you have tried other possible solutions, but yet your mtn sim is still not working, then insert your sim into a different phone. If it is still not working, then contact mtn customer care.

Reset APN Setting

  • Click on settings on the device and go to the network setting
  • Click on your network provider name
  • Check for the Access Point Name (APN) option and select it
  • Click on the three-dotted icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Reset Access Point Option
  • Then restart the device and test the mobile data

Reset The Network Setting

  • Click on setting
  • Select General
  • Click on the reset iPhone
  • Click on reset network settings
  • Enter your password to reset it.


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What to do when the mtn sim card is not working?

Contact mtn customer care with another sim or any other network provider line, or visit the nearest mtn outlet. The agent would help you troubleshoot the issue.

How do you fix a sim card that says no service?

how to fix the no service or signal on my iPhone

  • Restart the phone
  • Turn on and off airplane mode
  • Select your network provider manually
  • Reset your network setting to factory default

How do I check if my mtn number is active?

Dial *131*4# to check if your mtn number is active.

Conclusion: Why Is My MTN Sim Not Working?

If you are having a problem with your mtn sim, always troubleshoot if the issue is from your end using the above-listed possible solution. If the issue continues after trying the possible solution, call or visit the nearest mtn outlet.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you got a lot of helpful information. Please comment and share with your loved ones.


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