How To Retrieve NIN Without Phone Number

How To Retrieve NIN Without Phone Number

How To Retrieve NIN Without Phone Number?

Read all about how to retrieve NIN without phone number.

National Identification Number (NIN) is a set of numbers assigned to an individual by NIMC after enrolment. This unique number contains your biometric data and other details in the National Identification Management Database.

The National Identify Management Commission (NIMC) has implemented a practical way of retrieving your NIN number via USSD code. Although checking your NIN number via USSD code is the easiest method, there are other methods you can still use to check your NIN.

The NIMC has urged the public who have already enrolled in the NIMC scheme but have lost their NIN number to visit any NIMC office to retrieve the NIN.

This article will discuss how to retrieve NIN without a phone number and why you need your NIN.

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How To Retrieve NIN Without a Phone Number

The following are the way to retrieve your NIN without your phone number;

NIMC Office

  • Visit any NIMC branches, but it is advisable to visit the center where you did your registration.
  • Contact any of the NIMC officials and state the reason why you are there.
  • The NIMC agent would ask you to provide some personal information
  • Once your details are verified, the agent will reprint the NIN slip.

Note: this service will cost you N500, and you can pay via Remita and take the receipt with you to the NIMC office.

Via NIMC App

Suppose you have already registered on the NIMC application on your ios or android device and have a good internet connection. You can check your NIN number from the app without visiting any NIMC office.

Why You Need Your NIN

The NIN is used for all transactions in Nigeria requiring to identify verification. The following are the reason why you need your NIN

  • To obtain your National e-ID card
  • To open a personal bank account
  • To apply for an international passport
  • To apply for a driver’s license
  • To participate in the National Health Insurance Scheme
  • To obtain your voter’s card
  • To access welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government
  • To pay your taxes
  • Use for land transactions subject to the land use act
  • Use for transactions related to your contributory pension scheme
  • The transaction with social security implication

The Required Document To Enroll For NIN

  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • Valid means of identification include a driver’s license, voter card, government staff ID, school ID, international passport, and old national ID.
  • Certificate of origin or attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community.
  • Birth certificate or declaration of age.
  • Valid immigration document
  • Nigerian commission for refugees’ certificate
  • Refugee ID card
  • Refuge factsheet

How To Enroll For NIN

  • Applicant should visit any enrolment center with the required document.
  • The NIMC official will verify the applicant to ascertain if they have enrolled using the NIN verification portal.
  • The applicant will be issued an enrolment form to fill out if they have yet to enroll. While the printed barcode slip will be collected if the applicant had pre-enrolled earlier using the pre-enrolment service.
  • A NIMC official will check the application form to crosscheck the information filled on the form against the required documentation provided. And ensure the form is error-free.
  • Applicant details will be stored on the NIMC software by a NIMC enrolment officer.
  • The officer would ask the applicant to double-check their information for errors.
  • If the applicant has verified their details, then the applicant’s biometrics will be captured.
  • After completing the enrolment, the applicant will be issued a transaction ID slip as evidence of the transaction. However, the transaction slip does not contain the NIN number, so the applicant will be requested to come back within 2-5 working days for the NIN.


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Can I check my NIN information online?

Yes, you can check your NIN information online. Visit

Can I retrieve my NIN from my bank?

You can pay a token of N500 via Remita in your bank and take the receipt of payment to the NIMC office.

Can NIN be done Twice?

No, Enrolment for NIN is once in a lifetime.

Conclusion: How To Retrieve NIN Without a Phone Number

NIN contains a lot of personal information about an individual, which is why NIMC urged the general public to beware of fraudsters. And to avoid clicking on any unverifiable link requesting NIN.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you got a lot of helpful information on retrieving your NIN without a phone number. Please comment and share with your loved ones.



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