review (Is legit or scam?) review (Is legit or scam?) review (Is legit or scam?)

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About Antbit token?

ANTBIT TOKEN is a regulated Nigerian TOKEN in partnership with STRIMPAY MONEY TRANSFER with high hopes of going globally, and community that allows users to accumulate ANTBIT(ABT),to sell ANTBIT(ABT),to buy ANTBIT(ABT) and to store ANTBIT(ABT) like other cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, litecoin, tron, etc.

ANTBIT is a Nigerian cryptocurrency that can only be used in Nigeria using Strimpay Money Transfer to store ANTBIT Token and buy and sell ANTBIT within the ANTBIT community.

ANTBIT/STRIMPAY Team don’t have control over the growth in the value of ANTBIT(ATB).

How does work?

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When you register on Antbit network, you will get a sign up bonus of 1,000 naira and 100 Antbit token. You can also get 1,000 naira and 100 antbit token for each referral that you bring to register with your referral link.

You can withdraw 30% of your salary on the 24th of each month.

ANTBIT TOKEN can increase in value and hodlers can benefit more as the value increases. ANTBIT TOKEN can be tradable for fiat and also be used to purchase goods or even pay for services if accepted by other users for goods and services register/sign up

To sign up on this platform, follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on REGISTER
  3. Input the required details like full name, email, password, invite code and click on SIGN UP login

To login on this platform, you will need the following:

  1. Username
  2. Password roadmap

Phase 1

  • ANTBIT(ATB) TOKEN development and design.
  • ANTBIT(ATB) Airdrop1,000,000 ATB (through task and referral).
  • ANTBIT total supply: 10,000,000
  • Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook etc.).

(JANUARY-APRIL)2023 Phase 2

  • Ending ANTBIT referral program.
  • ANTBIT(ATB) P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange in development and design.
  • Donating 3000,000ANTBIT(ATB) Token back to ANTBIT(ATB) Holders and community
  • ANTBIT(ATB) social media marketing (Facebook, twitter etc.)


(MAY-AUGUST)2023 Phase 3

  • ANTBIT(ATB) P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange still in development and getting ready for launching.
  • ANTBIT(ATB) will be donating NGN3,000,000 worth of ANTBIT TOKEN to support best crypto tech start up.
  • ANTBIT(ATB) Blockchain development.
  • NGN1,000,000 Worth of ANTBIT TOKEN shared(competition).


  • ANTBIT(ATB) P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange completed and getting tested for launching.
  • ANTBIT Blockchain still under development and design.
  • ANTBIT(ATB) P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange launched for P2P crypto trading.
  • ANTBIT Blockchain on review

Antbit token P2P marketplace

ANTBIT TOKEN p2p marketplace allow ANTBIT holders to sell their ANTBIT TOKEN for fiat to a third party users ready to buy and sell ANTBIT TOKEN.

Is legit?

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We are keeping our fingers crossed and watch how this project will develop. So far so good, a lot of people have benefitted and still benefitting from it. How long will it last though? Only time can tell.

Is scam?

There is nothing to suggest that this platform is scam as of now. We are keeping a close eye on it, so make sure you subscribe to this blog for more information.


Thank you for reading my review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comment section below.

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Thank you once again.

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