Mara wallet referral (How to get $2 FREE in crypto)

Mara wallet referral (How to get $2 FREE in crypto)

Mara wallet referral (How to get $2 FREE in crypto)

Read all about Mara wallet.

Follow the below instructions to get FREE crypto on Mara wallet:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Input your email address to join the waitlist
  3. Download the app, which is available on Google playstore and iOS app store
  4. Register by inputting your first name and surname
  5. Verify your email address
  6. Input your phone number and input the code sent to you
  7. You will be given $2 FREE in crypto
  8. You can copy your referral link and share with your friends. You and whoever registers through your referral link will get rewards.

About Mara wallet?

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Mara wallet is a yet to be launched cryptocurrency platform and they are giving out rewards before they launch.

Mara exchange raised $23 million from coinbase ventures and FTX to build Africa’s portal to the crypto economy.

The Mara wallet will bring sub-saharan Africa into the new world of decentralized finance, ownership, and creativity.

Is Mara wallet legit?

We have very little information on this platform and as such cannot state if it is legit or not. However, since it does not require you to deposit any form of money, then you might as well give it a try.

Is Mara wallet scam?

There is nothing to suggest such.


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