How to delete my Palmcredit account?

How to delete my Palmcredit account?

How to delete my Palmcredit account?

Read all about how to delete my Palmcredit account.

There are many reasons that will make you decide to delete/close your Palmcredit account. Whatever the reason is, you should know that once you delete your Palmcredit account, all your details will be removed from their database, and it cannot be reversed.

Make sure you reach out to the Palmcredit customer care, and let them know about whatever issue you may be having, and if it’s something they can solve.

However, should you decide to go ahead to delete your Palmcredit account, then you should continue reading, so you will know how to go about this.

In this post, I am going to be writing about how to delete Your Palmcredit account and more. Remember to leave us a comment after you finish reading, and also share with your friends on social media.

Let’s get into it then…

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About Palmcredit?

Palmcredit is a loan app in Nigeria owned by Newedge finance limited where you can get a loan without collateral. With Palmcredit, you can access loans within minutes without having to worry about providing any collateral.

To get started, you will need to download the app from Google playstore.

How to delete my Palmcredit account?

Follow the below instructions to delete your Palmcredit account.

  1. Login to the email address that you used to register your Palmcredit account, make sure it is the same email address.
  2. You will then need to compose an email, clearly stating that you want your Palmcredit account to be cancelled, deleted or deactivated.
  3. Make sure that the subject of your email clearly states your intention e.g. “Request to delete Palmcredit account”
  4. Send the email to
  5. Once your email is received, Palmcredit will process your request and delete your account.


If you follow the above instructions, you should easily get your Palmcredit account deleted. If you require further help, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or visit our contact us page.

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