Ella.fund review (How to get $100 on ella.fund)

Ella.fund review (How to get $100 on ella.fund)

Ella.fund review (How to get $100 on ella.fund)

Read all about how to get $100 on ella.fund.

Follow the below instructions to claim:

  1. Click on the link https://admin.ella.fund/share?ref=103488&lng=en
  2. Register by providing your Name and email address
  3. Share your referral link with all your contacts
  4. If three (3) of your friends are able to sign up, you will be able to withdraw ella $ to your wallet
  5. For each friend you invite/refer, you will get $10 instantly to your account.

What is Ella $?

It is a deflationary (every second there are less coins) cross network balanced coin.

How to buy ella.fund token

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If you have bitcoin, ethereum, USDT, BNB or TRX then you can buy ella.fund tokens. Follow the below instructions to buy ella.fund token:

  1. Download the trust wallet app and install it on your phone
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a wallet
  3. Make sure your store your 12 recovery phrases
  4. On your trust wallet main scree, click on “Smart chain”
  5. Click on Buy
  6. Choose the amount of BNB you want to buy
  7. You will need to convert BNB to ella coins
  8. Click on Smart chain
  9. Click on SEND
  10. Copy and paste the address 0x4de24717546711342ffF0e40B8a5Ef2375638BCa
  11. Click on MAX
  12. Click on NEXT
  13. Confirm the transaction and you will receive ella coin to your wallet within 10 minutes

Is ella.fund legit?

Cryptocurrency is a high risk investment, and as such, no one can genuinely tell if a project is good or bad, all you can do is make your research, then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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