How To Open FCMB account Online

How To Open FCMB account Online

How To Open FCMB Account Online

Read my post on how to open FCMB account online.

Would you like to open a First city Monument Bank account online with just your smartphone or PC? If your answer is yes to that, you will love this information that I am about to share with you and ensure you read to the end.

This is a simple guide on how to open a First city Monument Bank account online. By the time you finish reading this blog post, you should have discovered how to do this without stress

First City Monument Bank Group PLC has about nine subsidiaries that are divided into three business groups which include investment banking, access and wealth management, and retail and commercial banking.

First city Monument Bank is a member of the First city Monument Bank group PLC with its headquarters in Lagos it was founded on 20th April 1982 with over 3,000 employees and it generates revenue of over 311.1 million U.S. dollars according to Wikipedia.

First City Monument Bank also deals with personal banking by providing services and products to meet up the financial needs and expectations of their customers and potential customers.

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These products and services include current accounts, savings accounts, investments, loans, credit cards, etc. Since we are focusing on how to open First city Monument Bank accounts online, we will be considering personal and business accounts and how to open these accounts online.

There are different types of savings accounts provided by  First City Monument Bank and I’ll list these types of accounts and focus on the business and personal accounts as earlier stated and how to create them online because their requirements differ.

Types of savings account by FCMB

First City Monument Bank has given its customers various types of accounts to choose from based on the account that fits your budget or your saving lifestyle. And they made provisions for kids as well as teenagers

  1. First city Monument Bank easy account
  2. First city Monument Bank salary savings account
  3. Kids account for zero (0) to seventeen (17) years
  4. Flex Account eighteen (18) to thirty (30) years
  5. Classic savings account
  6. Premium savings account
  7. Domiciliary account

Types of FCMB online account

When it comes to online accounts, these are the major online accounts you can open, but for other accounts, you’ll need to visit the nearest first city monument Bank close to you with the requirements usually in hard copies.

  • Personal account
  • Business account

Requirements to open a personal FCMB online account

If you are to open an online account the requirements may be different from when you visit any First city Monument Bank bank branch to open an account and each type of savings account has its different requirements.

Because of our topic, I’ll be listing what you need to open an online personal account

  • Bank verification number
  • scanned passport photograph
  • Scanned copy of your signature
  • Scanned copy of identity card either voter’s card, national identity card, or driver’s license
  • Remember it’s an online account therefore most documents needed are soft copies

How to open a FCMB personal account online

But before then is just a simple method to open a personal First city Monument Bank account online

  • Visit First city Monument Bank’s official website at
  • You’ll be directed to an online form for you to fill and this form contains
  • Country residence
  • Who the account is meant for (child or adult)
  • Are you a new or existing customer
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Bank verification number
  • Referral code if any before you can proceed
  • Your account number Will be presented to you in a few moments

Requirements to open a  FCMB business online account

  • Bank verification number
  • Tax identification number
  • Scanned copy of passport photograph
  • Corporate affairs commission certificate

How to open a FCMB business account online

  • Visit First city Monument Bank’s official website at
  • Choose business category
  • Input your registration or incorporation date
  • Corporate affairs commission registration number
  • Address of operation
  • Tax identification number
  • Business name
  • Official phone number
  • Ownership structure
  • Official email
  • Details of account signatory
  • Type of business
  • Proceed to upload relevant documents
  • Proceed to get the business account number

How do I open an fcmb account with your mobile phone

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Fcmb has also allowed its customers to create an account using their mobile phone and creating this account can be done by dialing the fcmb USSD code *329# and following the instructions.

This account does not require any special document and you do not need to visit the bank. All you need is your bank verification number to process this.

This account is more like a self-service and can be accessed from any network in Nigeria, you can send and receive money, pay bills and buy airtime from anywhere in Nigeria.

You do not need an internet connection to perform this transaction, all you need is your mobile phone and your mobile number. In this case, your account number is your phone number without the 0 instead of 08 123456789 it becomes 8123456789. This account is known as the fcmb easy account


Before getting to this point, I’m sure that how to create a first city monument Bank account is not as hard as you thought. If you follow these guidelines and procedures you should be able to create a first city monument Bank account either online or with your mobile phone.

From this article creating a personal or business account is not something you need to stress about just ensure you have the requirements for each account and then your smartphone or personal computer with internet connection and I’m few minutes you’ll be able to carry out banking transaction from the comfort of your home


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