CryptoGuards Airdrop bot (All you need to know about $CryptoGuards tokens)

CryptoGuards Airdrop bot (All you need to know about $CryptoGuards tokens)

CryptoGuards Airdrop bot (All you need to know about $CryptoGuards tokens)

Read all about CryptoGuards airdrop bot.

Follow the below instructions to take part in this airdrop:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Start the bot and complete the tasks to get the tokens
  3. Join the Telegram channel
  4. Join the Telegram group
  5. Join the Cryptocity Metaverse channel
  6. Follow on twitter quote tweet the pinned post and tag 3 friends.
  7. Join the discord server
  8. Follow on facebook
  9. Submit your BSC BEP20 wallet address

Airdrop information

Pool: 50,000 $CryptoGuards

Reward: 5 $CryptoGuards per user

Per referral: 2 $CryptoGuards

Top 100: 250 $CryptoGuards each

End date: December 31st 2021

Distribution: January 2022

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What is CryptoGuards?

CryptoGuards is 3rd project of cryptocity metaverse (after cryptocars & cryptoplanes). You can get $CryptoGuards by joining our airdrop and 2 $CryptoGuards tokens for each valid referral.

Top 100 Participants with most referral will each get 250 $CryptoGuards tokens.

In the Cryptocity ecosystem, players have the right to own valuable supercars, modern fighter jets & workshops, fighting guns to join in the immersive games.

In addition to cryptocars, cryptoplanes & cryptoguards, in the future cryptocity will have a lot of features modes & developments with more connections.

Is CryptoGuards airdrop bot legit?

Only time will tell. Cryptocurrency is a high risk investment, so before you go into it, make sure you study up on it, and as always, only invest what you can afford to lose.

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