How to check BVN on first bank app (Mobile app & USSD)

How to check BVN on first bank app (Mobile app & USSD)

How to check BVN on first bank app (Mobile app & USSD)

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Read all about how to check bvn on first bank mobile app.

If you can’t remember your Bank verification number and want to urgently get it, then as a first bank customer, there are several ways you can get your Bank verification number (BVN) easily.

The BVN is unique to each customer, and no matter how many bank different bank accounts you have, you can only have one BVN, which is linked to all your other accounts.

In this post, I am going to be showing you how to check your BVN on first bank, under the following sub-topics “How to check BVN on first bank app”, “How to check BVN on first bank using USSD” and more.

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What is Bank verification number (BVN)?

The bank verification number is an 11 digits’ number that is unique to all bank account owners, and it is usually linked to all of your bank accounts. It was introduced by the central bank of Nigeria to curtail and monitor financial crime, fraud & theft.

The bank verification number usually has information like passport photograph, fingerprint, name, age, Date of birth etc.

How to check BVN on first bank mobile app

The first bank mobile app allows its customers to perform many banking transactions like transferring money, buying airtime, buying data, paying cable bills, paying electricity bills, checking statement of account and many more.

You can easily check your bvn number on the first bank mobile app, all you have to do is download the app, which is available for both android & iOS, and install in your phone.

After installation, you can then register on the app, by providing the details required by the app. Login to the app using your User ID and password.

Your BVN number should be displayed when you click on the MENU button on the left upper side of the app.

How to check BVN on first bank using USSD

You can check your BVN on first bank via USSD easily. All you have to do is dial *565*0# from the phone number that is registered with your bank account.

Once you dial the code, your account balance will be displayed alongside your bank account name, your bank account number and also your BVN.

You should also know that this cost 20 naira i.e. you need to have at least 20 naira in your balance for this to work.

Other methods to check your BVN on first bank

As a last resort, you can go the nearest first bank branch to get your BVN, they may require you to provide a few information, in other to confirm you are the owner of the bank account, before they will tell you, your BVN.

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With the above, you can easily get your BVN number if you are a First bank customer. We may be updating this post from time to time, every time new information springs up.

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