Shibanomi token airdrop (How to get FREE SHIO tokens)

Shibanomi token airdrop (How to get FREE SHIO tokens)

Shibanomi token airdrop (How to get FREE SHIO tokens)

Read all about Shibanomi_bot in this Shibanomi token airdrop.

Follow the below steps to receive SHIO token:

  1. Click on the link
  2. You will need to join the Shibanomi channel: @shibanomiToken
  3. You will also need to join the Shibanomi official group: @shibanomi_community
  4. Follow the Shibanomi official twitter handle: @shibanomitoken

Tasks reward: 180,000,000 SHIO ($70)

You can also earn extra rewards by referring your friends to the bot. Referral reward: 13,000,000 SHIO ($5)

1 SHIO = $0.00000210

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Shibanomi token information

Operating on the binance smart chain, Shibanomi is the newest cryptocurrency descended from the Meme dad Shiba.

Based on the fact that people buy without paying anything, Shibanomi is targeting a large community event.

Imagine being able to track new tokens right before they hit the market and make sure they are safe to buy.

Shibanomi token details


Symbol: SHIO

Network: BNB (BEP20)

Decimals: 9

Contact address: 0x0c251e67d41efc33a9d3264a5492f63f743ea87c

Is Shibanomi airdrop bot legit?

I can’t specifically stay, but since it does not ask for any money, it is probably worth a try. Leave your personal reviews below in the comment section.

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