Lovecoin token airdrop (How to claim 1,000,000 FREE tokens)

Lovecoin token airdrop (How to claim 1,000,000 FREE tokens)

Lovecoin token airdrop (How to claim 1,000,000 FREE tokens)


Read all about lovecoin token airdrop.

Lovecoin token has migrated to the BEP20 network on the binance smart chain i.e. no more TRC.

  1. Earn 1 million LOVECOIN TOKEN for registration and 20,000 per referral.
  2. Minimum withdrawal is 1,000,000 to trust wallet (Trading on pancakeswap).
  3. No BNB gas fee needed
  4. Withdrawal under 24hours.

Click to register and claim airdrop

How to claim additional free LOVECOIN tokens

  1. Just follow lovecoin token on Facebook and twitter, to participate in Lovecoin giveaways.
  2. To earn more lovecoin, send the gift of lovecoin to your friends, family and followers, with this you get paid 20,000 for each person you refer.

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What is Lovecoin?

Lovecoin is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency based upon Bitcoin and Tron blockchain technology, designed with the purpose of spreading; Love, Peace, Happiness and Economic Freedom worldwide.

According to the official lovecoin website, its mission is to Encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by airdropping “LOVE” tokens to millions of individuals around the world and also Raise money and awareness for philanthropic causes such as; helping end world hunger, providing jobs & education for those in need, and supporting local charitable organizations such as covid relief programs and animal shelters.

Contract Address: 0xb3d54df1676c1fe4b0987c041fa8c28471429ce7

Symbol: Lovecoin

Decimals: 8


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