5billionsales.com review (Is 5billionsales.com legit or scam?)

5billionsales.com review (Is 5billionsales.com legit or scam?)

5billionsales.com review (Is 5billionsales.com legit or scam?)

Read all about 5billionsales.com in this 5billionsales.com review.

These days, there are so many ways to make money online. It almost seems as if there is a new platform that comes out each day, promising you a way to earn money daily.

Some of these platforms are not worth your time or money, while some of them can be very profitable, albeit in a short period of time.

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What is 5billionsales.com?

According to its website “While 5BillionSales.com is new, we are owned a holding company which operates twenty-five platforms across the web. We are starting the new wave of digital businesses that take the power from the tech giants and give it to the people.

Our services are unique and revolutionary however the knowledge to bring change to the Internet’s web comes from the twelve years of industry experience the existing platforms have. 5BillionSales.com is bringing change to an industry that deserves to be changed.

It is taking the huge wealth from the tech giants and redistributing it fairly to the Web’s users as passive income and earnings.

5BillionSales.com is a British company however our holding companies (platforms) are multi-national based in six countries. The services we are bringing to the Web will benefit every user without barriers or limits. Our services are not new, but they are revolutionary and unique due to their monetization of the old world.”

What is 5billionsales all about?

Join for FREE

Their services are a secret until launch to prevent copycats.

Join the pre-launch for free and get a back office to manage your network.

Use your referral ID to directly refer others into the level below you (level 1) to build a 16 level network.

Your level 1 refers other people into the level below them (your level 2) to level 16.

Build your 16 level network in pre-launch mode to explode your income.

You get paid overrides from every person in your 16 level network.

Your network will be given a 5-day countdown to launch date.

On the first day of countdown, educational materials will be loaded to your network’s back office.

One day before launch your network will be migrated to the launch web site and access granted.

On launch day, your network can introduce users to our service, earn commission and generate overrides.

5billionsales.com network structure and commission

Each level can seat an unlimited number of people (unlimited width).

Every member of the network has equal earning opportunities.

SERVICE 1 COMMISSION – $100 recurring yearly (5 billion potential commissions).

SERVICE 1 OVERRIDE – $5 recurring (16 levels).

SERVICE 2 COMMISSION – $10 once off plus recurring profit share of $200 – $1000 (1 billion potential commissions).

SERVICE 2 OVERRIDE – $1 once off plus recurring profit share override of $10 – $50 (16 levels).

  • Refer 2 people into level 1 and all 16 levels also refer 2 people each, your network would be over 130,000 affiliates. WOW
  • If each of the 130,000 downline affiliates got 4 users for service 1 today, that would be 130,000 x 4 x $1 = $520,000
  • Do the override math $

Why you should join 5billionsales now?

  • Join before other people you know sign up and refer you.
  • There is no stock or educational/promotional materials to be bought.
  • All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to make money.
  • Existing features of the Internet monetized and revolutionized for the new economy.
  • If you’ve used the internet, that’s all the experience you’ll need to win big.
  • Anyone can do this from any country without restriction or limits.
  • A lot to gain, nothing to lose.
  • Start your network today, expect to retire soon.

5billionsales.com registration/sign up

To register on 5billionsales.com, follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit the link https://5billionsales.com/register
  2. Input the required details like username, sponsor ID, first name, last name, country, city, address, zip code and mobile number
  3. Accept all the conditions and click on REGISTER
  4. You can also register with Facebook or gmail

5billionsales.com login

To login on 5billionsales.com, you will need the following:

  1. Username/email address
  2. Password

5billionsales.com contact/customer support

Telegram group: https://t.me/Billion_5_Sales

Is 5billionsales.com legit?

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5billionsales.com has not launched yet, but the platform is owned by a reputable company. You can visit the website for registration and also to get more information.

You can leave us your personal opinions in the comment section below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of 5billionsales.com?

The owner of this platform is not yet know.

Is 5billionsales legit?

5billionsales.com has not launched yet, but the platform is owned by a reputable company. You can visit the website for registration and also to get more information.


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