How to check Unity bank statement of account

How to check Unity bank statement of account

How to Check my Unity Bank Statement of Account

A statement of account is a detailed summary of transactions, both debit and credit transactions carried out from an account over a specified time.

A lot of people request a statement of account only when they need it or if they notice an unauthorized transaction, but it is advisable to regularly go through your statement of account.



It helps you keep track of your spending habits.
It helps you detect any fraudulent activity early and gives you time to take action before amassing heavy loss.
It helps you do an accurate check and balance of your revenue and expenditure.

To get your statement of account from Unity bank, you can visit a Unity bank branch close to you and request to see your statement of account. Or you can access it from the comfort of your home using Unity bank Internet banking.

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How to Check Unity Bank Statement of Account Online.

Step 1: Log in to your Unity Bank Internet banking with your username and password using this link —>>

Note: You must have registered with Unity bank internet banking to be able to log in. If you haven’t, you can quickly register and access your account information online.

Step 2: Under the account menu, click on the “download” tab.

Step 3: Pick the time frame for the statement you wish to view and download.

If you notice any unauthorized transactions or errors in the report, kindly and quickly notify Unity bank customer services so that they can rectify it and ensure the safety of your funds.


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