Gramfree review (Is Gramfree legit or scam?)

Gramfree review (Is Gramfree legit or scam?)

Gramfree review (Is Gramfree legit or scam?)


GramFree is a website where users can get paid. It rewards them with ‘grams. Users are given an in-game currency to exchange simple tasks on a GPT (paid to) website.

GramFree allows you to earn Grams by doing these things:

  • Invite new users to your website.
  • Participating in a daily lottery
  • Smart contracts.
  • Depositing money
  • Watching videos.

GramFree, like most GPT websites, generates income from both selling Grams and ad revenue. However, GramFree is a specialized GPT website.

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Smart Contracts

GramFree Smart Contracts can be signed daily. A timer is given to you when you sign a contract. To receive payment, each contract must be signed at least once.

GramFree offers two types of Smart Contracts:

  1. Standard Contract(worth 0.05 grams
  2. Risky Contract(each weighing 1.0 grams).

Standard contracts only have a value of 0.05 grams, while risky contracts can be worth 1.0 grams. These are considered ‘risky’ because you’ll lose 2 grams if your contract is not signed when the timer goes off.

It’s all confusing. You can view a Smart Contract here.

GramFree has one of these contracts.

Although it may seem strange, smart contracts are an integral part of GramFree.World. They don’t operate the same way normally.

GramFree intelligent contracts are designed to do just that. These are meant to keep you coming back to the site every day until you buy grams.

GramFree is not the only platform that uses this tactic. This is why it works.

To withdraw your funds for the Hydra (or grams) you have been given, you will need to do so. This is the equivalent of promising $1 to someone fully aware that you won’t follow through. It is a lie meant to lure you in.

This brings us to GramFree.

GramFree Lottery

Everybody can enter the lottery in usual intelligent various Hours. This will vary depending on which user status you are. You have the opportunity to win between $2,000 and $35,000 if you win the lottery. One gram to 5,000 grams below is a link to the lottery.

GramFree Lottery

Can you win the GramFree lotto?

This is a great question. You can see the results of other lottery participants on the website. However, the lottery is biased against users. Although you may win small amounts of grams occasionally, it is improbable that you will ever win more.

After playing the lottery, I can confirm that there are good odds of winning.  Significantly, very soft no matter how many tickets are purchased.

This is another common tactic. It was also seen in the FOREX Naisos fraud, which promises users a.10%Return daily to make an effort to make users feel involved in the project.

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Referrals and Videos

GramFree offers users a reward for viewing videos on the site. Users submitted these videos. They are intended to bring more people to GramFree.

GramFree is the focus of these videos. It’s either a lazy attempt to brainwash or an appeal to the sunk costs fallacy.

You will get 0.1 Grams per watch for most videos and 5.0 Grams per submitted video. Below are some videos!

Referring new members to the site is also rewarded. Although the referral rewards may change over time, you still earn less than 10 grams per referral.

Referrals are not always paid. You only earn Grams if the person you refer reaches level 2.

GramFree was accused of Pyramid Scheme behavior, but the website is unaffected, and does not currently use a multi-level marketing structure.

What are Grams?

On GramFree’s website, you are given ‘grams’ as a form of currency. Although users are told that they can exchange grams for money, this is not true.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the actual value of one gram.

Although grams can be exchanged outside the website, they will not be a cryptocurrency until fully developed. One gram equals 1.78 USD as of 2020.GramFree is worthless unless you “cash out.”

You will need to makeover your finances to withdraw the money you have worked so hard for.500 gramsTo cash out, you will need to spend $280 on Gramfree.

How easy is it to make 500 grams of chocolate? 

It would take over 60 days for you to earn 500 grams if you were to generate enough cash to top ‘cashout. These are the daily tasks:

  • You earn 0.5 GRAM by signing SMART contracts.
  • Recruitment of other people (less than 10 grams per person).
  • Watching videos (0.1 gram per video).
  • Participating in the Daily Lottery (an average of 1 gram per entry).

GramFree supporters have attempted to make money off recruits by promising that the website will make them rich.

GramFree offers positive reviews and rewards to people who say positive things about them online. Most likely, the person telling you that you will be rich will make a profit.

GramFree sounds appealing, but it is tough, if not impossible, to make money from this website. This has led to many websites like mine assuming GramFree is a fraud.

Each task on this website is designed to trick users into purchasing Grams.

You cannot purchase less than 1,000 grams at a given time if you choose to buy grams. This is the proof.

GramFree – Is it a scam?

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GramFree is a fraud because it promises users money that they don’t intend to provide. They use false advertising. Here are tricks that will get you to buy grams and trick users into helping others.

Before we get started, let me remind you what a scam is. A scam is:

“Any business or organization that makes a profit by lying to or defrauding customers or exploiting their labor. ”

This website is a fraud because…

Lies are often told about the services you sign up for.

This website and its users promise you the opportunity to make money. This promise is false. You will only make a few bucks for your time, your data, and your dignity. You will not see the money you have earned, as 500 grams is required before you can withdraw money.

GramFree: Who is it for?’s anonymity is part of the reason is so suspect. does not list the owner, doubtful and no management team is public.

This is quite unusual for a startup. The visionary founder is part of the startup’s appeal.

We are forced to believe that the founder is this person (I’m just joking!)

To look into who owns this website, I went to their entry. The identity of the person who registered the domain name has been “redacted” to protect privacy. The entry does reveal some interesting facts.

  • This website was created in Panama (through Namecheap LLC).
  • Only the registered website was made available on27 March 2020.
  • The IP address of the website is This is not the actual location of the website owner. NameCheap LLC holds the IP address. A quick search will show you many other websites that are hosted at this IP address.

LinkedIn doesn’t show any sign of the owner of this company, so no one is going to be the one to create this website.

Many readers of The Snapping Point have asked if Telegram has created Gramfree.

This website uses Telegram Open Network (TON),, but it is not associated with telegram. TON is an open-source project; basically, and anyone can create a platform with TON or Grams.

GramFree is not as far as Telegram is aware; telegram is affili Isated with it

What makes this website money?

GramFree claims to be a charity community that uses nice graphics, vague language,, and beautiful design. We’ve seen scams on this blog, however. excellent design does not equal friendly company.

Although you make no money through their platform, they make a lot of money from you. Here’s how.

  • They are selling gramsTo to their users (minimum $1,000 per user).
  • Reimbursement of a withdrawal fee when you take out your grams.
  • Ad revenue through visits to their websites.

The website has access to your data and could make money.

There is nothing wrong with companies making money. Scams are when companies lie to customers and trick them into buying.

GramFree’s entire site is intended to trick you into thinking that the information you see is accurate cash-out.


Thank you for reading my Gramfree review. If you have any comment or question, you can leave it below in the comment section.

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