Aella Credit Loan App Review (Is Aella credit legit/real?)

Aella Credit Loan App Review (Is Aella credit legit/real?)

Aella Credit Loan App Review (Is Aella credit legit/real?)

Aella credit loan app

Read my Aella credit loan app review.

Akin Jones and Wale Akanbi founded Aella Credit in 2015. The company received $10 million in debt financing from HQ Financial Group (HQF) in February. They previously received seed funding of $2 million from Ycombinator.

Aella App does more than provide loans. The section below outlines the entire range of services that Aella App offers.

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About Aella

Aella App, which was formerly Aella Credit, was a sole loan app. Aella Credit offered instant credit solutions, which eliminated the need for traditional loan applications. It also allowed employees to borrow at fair and competitive rates through their employers.

Currently, Aella App helps users (Nigerian) secure loans, make bill and utility payments, carry out investments, and get insured. This product now combines all four services in one platform, making it much more helpful.

Aella App Features


Aella App gives you access to loans just like the original product. This platform claims it can provide loans within 5 minutes and offers credit solutions for everyday people.

Aella users must download the app and create an account. They will also need to complete profile setup, check eligibility, request the loan they desire, and real-time.receive funds. Your credit score will increase as you repay your loan on time.


Aella note is Aella App’s investment feature. You can now invest securely and safely with Notes. All you need to know is where your money is going and what your expectations are. This information is available in real time. The investment interest rate on Notes can reach up to 26% per year.

The minimum amount of investment is N10,000.00, while the maximum amount permitted on the notes is N100,000,000.00

Investors’ interest rates vary depending on their investment tenure. An investment tenure of 3 months attracts 16% annually, while a 6-month tenure earns 18% interest. A one-year tenure is eligible for 20% interest.


Aella App, a partnership with Hygeia HMO has made it easy to obtain health insurance. The app makes it easy to obtain super affordable micro-health plans.

This product is called Aella Care and has not yet been fully launched on mobile apps. You can still be notified when it launches.

Health insurance is just taking center stage in Nigeria. It is vital that platforms such as these help to make it more accessible. Aella’s health insurance would take only 5 minutes, which is very different from what users do elsewhere.

Pay your bills

There are many payment options available on the app. You can pay for Internet, TV, mobile data and airtime.

Do you need an app that does all the above? You should check out the Aella Credit platform and, likewise, download the Aella App.

Is Aella Legit

Yes, they are legit, and you can rely on this platform.

Aella credit interest rate

Based on the borrower’s profile, interest rates can vary from 4% to 30%. Ask your employer or head of personnel to join us for a lower interest rate. All bank transaction fees incurred in repaying the loan are payable by the borrower. Your mobile operator may charge standard SMS and data charges.

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Aella customer care support


Facebook: @aellaapp

Twitter: @aellaapp


How can I apply for a loan on Aella credit

  • Get the Aella App
  • Register for an account
  • Complete all fields with current and relevant information
  • To see how much you’re eligible to borrow, click the “Check Eligibility” button
  • Get a loan that suits your needs
  • Receive funds in your Aella Wallet

Aella credit loan repayment

You can repay aella loan via debit card or money transfer. Make sure you contact the aella credit customer support before you repay your loan.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have my account funded before I can apply?

We are aware that you might be short of funds at the time you apply. When your loan approval is granted, we will charge a non-refundable card setup fee of N30. This fee is required to confirm that your debit/ATM card is valid.

My loan has not yet been disbursed, but it was approved.

Your debit/ATM card must be set up if this is your first loan. Click ‘Cards” in the app menu and select a card that can be used to repay. We will attempt to automatically deduct your payment on the due date for your convenience. Note: To make the setup go smoothly, you will need at least N30 in your card linked to your account. Once your card is valid, you can only set up the card once.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow from Aella Credit? How long?

The loan amount ranges between N1,500 and N1,000,000. The amount of your loan will depend on a number of factors. Please ensure you have access to your mobile device and provide all the necessary details in order to get the best loan offer. Although loan terms vary from person to person, they are generally within a three-month repayment period.

What caused my loan application to be rejected?

Rejections of loan applications can be due to a variety of reasons. Most likely, our program didn’t have enough information to rate your application.

To determine the best loan offer for your needs, please sign into Aella Credit from your mobile device. Make sure you provide all the required information in your application.

There may be other reasons. We are a responsible lender, and we make sure that we only lend credibility to those who can afford it. This ensures that clients don’t get too dependent on us.

You might not match the profile of someone we lend money to. We recommend that you keep the app open and try again in 1 to 2 months. The criteria for these decisions is constantly changing.

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What can I do to update my bank/personal information?

Yes. You can update your bank details and other information through the app. You can update or modify certain details by using the “Bank account” option in your app’s settings or by contacting us via our in-app chat.

Will I be able to pay less if I make an earlier repayment?

If your loan has been paid off and the payment confirmed, you may apply for a loan right away. Please note that you will be eligible for system-generated discounts if you make early repayments. To enjoy higher loan amounts, we encourage you to repay.


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