How to log/solve GTbank dispense error (ATM/POS)

How to log/solve GTbank dispense error (ATM/POS)

How to log/solve GTbank dispense error (ATM/POS)

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It can be frustrating when you try to withdraw money from an ATM and you get debited without the ATM giving you any cash or maybe you use a POS machine and get debited even though the transaction failed.

This dispense error can be as a result of poor network or maybe there was money jam in the ATM, while trying to dispense cash.

Usually, when you get this error, you will have to go into the banking halls and log a dispense error, but with the advent of technology, you don’t need to visit the banking halls to do this.

If after waiting for 24 hours, your money was not reversed, you can log a dispense error from your phone without leaving the comfort of your home.

GTbank has introduced an online process to make complaint for POS, WEB and ATM machine dispense error.

In this post, I am going to show you how to log GTbank dispense error under the following sub-topics “GTbank dispense error compliant via ATM”, “GTbank dispense error using internet banking”, “GTbank dispense error through GTconnect”, “GTbank dispense error via bank branch”, “GTbank dispense error USSD code” and more.

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GTbank dispense error compliant via ATM

Follow the below steps to log a dispense error complain via ATM:

  1. Insert your card in a GTbank ATM
  2. Select the dispense error option on the ATM
  3. Select the account type (Savings account tor current account)
  4. Details of your last 5 transactions will be displayed
  5. Enter the STAN (6 digit) of the transaction
  6. Click on Proceed

NOTE: For local ATM dispense errors that occurred on a GTbank terminal, funds are reversed within 24 hours.

For local ATM dispense error that occurred on other banks terminal, funds are reversed within 5 – 8 days.

International dispense errors are resolved in 45 days.

GTbank dispense error through GTconnect

Another way to log a dispense error via GTconnect which you can reach via the following numbers 08039003900 or 08029002900. Select 1 to use the IVT self-service option and follow the voice prompts.

You can also send an email to or

GTbank dispense error USSD code

You can also log a dispense error by using the GTbank USSD code *737#. All you have to do is dial *737*52*Accountnumber*5# and follow the on-screen prompts.

GTbank dispense error complaint using internet banking

To log a dispense error via GTbank internet banking, follow the below instructions:

  1. Log on to internet banking with your User ID and password
  2. Click “Cards”
  3. Click “Dispense error”
  4. Select the account and the channel in which transactions occurred.
  5. Complete the displayed form with details of the unsuccessful transaction.
  6. Provide the answer to your secret question
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Click “Submit”

Other methods to log dispense error complaints on GTbank

Log GTbank dispense error complaint using website

You can also log dispense error using the GTbank dispense error complaint website

Log dispense error complaint by visiting the GTbank branch

You can also walk into the GTbank branch and walk to the customer service desk to make your dispense error complaint. You will be given a dispense error complaint form to fill and it will be resolved in 24 hours.

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With any of the above methods, you can easily log your dispense error and get your money reversed back to you in no time.

The latest technology, now means you can easily do this from your phone without necessarily needing to go to the banking halls.

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