How to get/generate access bank token/OTP

How to get/generate access bank token/OTP

How to get/generate access bank token/OTP

access bank token/otp

The Access Bank token is a security device that can generate encrypted codes for online and internet banking transactions. You can use the Access Bank token number to start a variety of transactions on the Access online banking platform.

Types of Access Bank token:

Soft Token

Pocket Token

Mini Token

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The token is a series of numbers that allows you to access your online banking account. To use the token, open the app on your phone and enter your PIN and the token number. You’ll be able to make transactions on the Access bank mobile app once you enter the token number.

You can complete certain financial transactions using the Access Bank Internet Banking platform, which is accessible via the bank’s website or mobile app. Because the transactions are completed electronically, you will not need to visit a bank to conduct a financial transaction.

How to register for access bank token

You must be an Access Bank customer and have registered for the Access Online internet banking platform before receiving the Access Bank hard token.

You can sign up by going to any Access Bank and requesting an internet banking application form. Alternatively, you can register online at, on the bank’s website.

Simply visit any Access Bank branch near you to get the Access Bank soft or hard token. Make a request for the bank token to the customer service representative. The Access bank token number is currently available for N1,500. As a result, the Access Bank hard token is available for N1,500.

BonusTUTS: How to generate access bank OTP code

Many people have trouble generating the Access Bank OTP code. The One-Time Password (OTP) is a one-time password required for transactions on the Access Bank mobile and internet banking platforms.

Simply complete a transaction on an online merchant store or eCommerce website to get the OTP. When you use your debit card to make a purchase, an OTP will be sent to the email address or phone number associated with your bank account. The OTP is only valid for a certain amount of time.

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When you enter the OTP, the transaction you’re carrying out at the time is confirmed. Most importantly, generating the OTP is completely free, and you should never reveal your OTP to anyone.


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