Best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

With the rise of Bitcoin, buying and selling Bitcoin is getting easier by the day.

In this blog post, am going to show you the best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria, but first let’s first remind ourselves what Bitcoin is.


What is Bitcoin

In order for you to truly understand what bitcoin(BTC) is, am going to break it down as much as possible.

Think of bitcoin as money except that

1.  Unlike money, bitcoin is not printed.

2.  Unlike money, bitcoin is not controlled by organisations(banks).

3.  Bitcoin is limited, this means that a time will come when bitcoin will reach its maximum amount ( 21 million).

Table of content

i. Luno

ii. Ngexchanger

iii. Nairaex

iv. Naira2usd

v. Naira4dollar

vi. Remitano



Luno is a London based company that was formerly known as bitx.

Luno is one of the best site to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria with your bank account.

Luno is available in over 40 countries and primarily deals on Bitcoin, ethereum. Although more recently, it has added other Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin cash.

Luno is probably in my opinion the easiest and the best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

There are two methods of buying or selling on luno

i. Trade on exchange

In this method, you will click on “exchange”, here you will choose the amount you want to sell your Bitcoin for when the price rises or falls.

ii. Instant buy/sell

In this method, once you have made deposit to luno in your local currency, you will click on “buy” and enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy, you will be funded instantly.

Luno transaction varies depending on the network activity, location and the currency you are using.

Sending Bitcoin from the platform incurs a dynamic fee that adjust based on the network traffic.

Luno payment options

1. Bank transfer

2. Debit card

3. SEPA transfer

Before you can buy Bitcoin, you need to deposit to your luno wallet.

On luno, you can buy Bitcoin for as low as 200 naira.



Ngexchanger is a Nigerian based company where you can buy and sell Bitcoin that has been in operation for over 2 years.

To buy and sell Bitcoin, you need to sign up, once this is done, you can start funding and withdrawing immediately.

However if your account is not yet verified, your funding limit will be at $500, but as soon as you verify your account, there will be no limit.

Verifying your account, entails uploading your ID showing your full name and your utility bill showing your address.

It can take up to 48hours to fully verify your account. Ngexchanger also provides Bitcoin wallet services.

Ngexchanger payment options

1. Cash deposit

2. Internet transfer

3. ATM transfer

Ngexchanger is a trusted and reliable Nigerian based exchange.

If you prefer using a Nigerian exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria, then you should have no problems with Ngexchanger.

Ngexchanger support can be reached at support@

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Nairaex is a company based in Abeokuta ogun state, Nigeria.

Nairaex is one of the best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria.

Before buying Bitcoin om Nairaex, you will have to register an account.

You will also need to verify your account by providing government issued  IDs like driver license, voters ID e.t.c which you are to send to hello@

Nairaex website is fairly easy to use and their customer care is very active.

Nairaex payment options

1. Bank account

2. Perfect money


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Naira2usd is an e-currency exchange in Nigeria, owned by simac c and s services and funds (buy/sell exchange).

Naira2usd supports a range of e-currency, one of the advantage of the naira2usd platform is that you can buy and sell Bitcoin without going through the rigorous verification process that other platforms put you through.

Before buying Bitcoin from Naira2usd, you will need to sign up an account.

Naira2usd payment options

Bank deposit

To make payment via this method, you will have to get the Naira2usd account number, you will then pay the agreed money through your local bank to that account.

You will also need to send a scanned copy of your deposit to naira2usd customer support, to act as a proof of payment.

Mobile transfer

You can also transfer directly to the Naira2usd account through your smartphone or other devices.

This method is faster and better than the bank deposit.

Online transfer

Online transfer is like mobile transfer. You transfer the agreed amount to Naira2usd bank account.

Naira2usd customer support can be reached at


Phone: 07051026230, 08091996286

Naira2usd does not charge outright transaction fees, but they make money from the flunctuates rates of e-currencies.

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Naira4dollar is a company of sunej global ventures limited, it is an e-currency exchange company that has been in operation since as far back as 2006.

Naira4dollar is registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with the registration code RC-1069456.

Naira4dollar has offices in both Ibadan and Lagos where you can buy Bitcoin directly.

Before buying Bitcoin on Naira4dollar, you will have to:

1. Register an account

2. Validate the account

3. Login to member area

4. View the current price for Bitcoin on the naira4dollar homepage as it flunctuates.

5. Click on “BUY”

6. Fill the form correctly

7.Submit and alert the admin after payment, your account should be funded instantly.

Naira4dollar supported banks

1. Gtbank

2. Intercontinental bank

3. Flashmecash

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Remitano is a foreign exchange owned by a company called babylon solution limited that is based in seychelles.

It operates in about 32 countries, it provides escrowed peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace  where people buy and sell Bitcoin with ease.

The seller’s list the prices at which they are willing to sell the crypto assets. Buyers can scroll through different list of sellers and their respective prices.

Remitano places the seller’s coins in escrow wallet, the buyer then transfers the agreed exchange amount in that currency to the seller’s account.

Remitano takes a 1% transaction fee before remitting the locked coins to the buyer.

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Other best site to buy bitcoin in Nigeria






These sites are all trusted and safe, although some have some advantages over others.

In my own opinion, the best site to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria is relative to each user, some have great support while others have great delivery time.

What is the best site to buy bitcoin in Nigeria?

Which one have you used before. Leave your comments below..Thank you for reading.






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  1. Coinsfix,com is literally the best website to buy and sell bitcoins, eth, etc from in 2019. I trust their service for a 10 minutes funding at all times.

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